5 Creative Ways to Help Customers Find the Best Product

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by Leigh Hamer | Last Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Your product line offers customers a variety of options. Each product has unique attributes attractive to various customer profiles. 

Whether you’re selling pet food, power tools, or pharmaceuticals, every marketer has the same challenge: Guide consumers to see your product as the best fit for their needs.

The Problem

Since every one of your marketing peers has the same mandate, it quickly becomes a crowded, noisy space with everyone competing for attention. They are all doing the same things:

And consumers are looking for new options. There’s a loyalty shake-up happening among consumers. Consumers are no longer remaining loyal to a particular brand or retailer. They are reevaluating their options, with factors such as price and availability of products being top considerations.  

As with all changing consumer behaviors, what is one brand’s threat is another brand’s opportunity.

The Opportunity

A shake-up in consumer loyalty cuts both ways. Yes, you now have a new opportunity to win your competitor’s customers. But on the flip side, this also means you must work to retain your existing customers.

Acknowledging this reality will guide your marketing strategy to address both new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Consider for a moment that mobile commerce volume is expected to hit $620.97 billion by 2024, according to Shopify. This means nearly half (42.9 percent) of all ecommerce purchases will be made via a mobile device. Unsurprising, given the vast majority of Americans - 97 percent - own a cellphone, according to Pew Research. Of that group, 85 percent own a smartphone.

You see it when you’re out. People shopping with smartphones in hand. Grocery lists are digitized, with shoppers checking off items as they walk up and down each aisle. DIYers conduct online research before heading to the home improvement store. Savvy shoppers search online for coupons as they stand in line to check out.

According to Zippia, 60 percent of consumers still prefer to shop in-store to see or try on the products they intend to purchase. Of these consumers, 59 percent use their mobile devices in-store to compare costs or research deals and coupons. 

Shoppers have redefined the aisle. It now extends to an online buying experience. Brands can help customers find their products by meeting the omnichannel shopper’s buying preferences. 

5 Strong Recommendations

If it isn’t clear yet, you need to embrace digital to win with today’s consumers.'

1. Add a Digital Experience to Your Shopper Campaign

Focus on improving the shopping experience both in-store and online to drive sales for your brand. This often involves a number of touchpoints throughout the shopping experience. Create a digital experience that guides customers from consideration to purchase quickly. Give customers an interactive product overview along with a promotional offer so they can see how your product meets their needs and budget.

Text SHOPPER to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Shopper Campaign Template can be used to drive revenue and stand out in the aisle. Most customers can create and launch a campaign-specific digital experience in less than 20 minutes using this Template.

2. Send Personalized Mobile Messages

Sending text messages to consumers is a great way to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty. With an average open rate of 98 percent and most individuals reading a text message within three minutes, mobile is the channel to engage with your customers on. 

Begin by building an audience of consumers who have opted-in to receive your brands’ SMS messages. Lumavate’s Mobile Opt-in Template ensures your brand meets all messaging compliance requirements, along with automatically taking care of double opt-ins. 

A mobile opt-in form can be a standalone digital experience or incorporated into any other digital experience. 

Text SPARTANMOBILE to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Mobile Opt-in Template can be used to capture opt-ins for your business. Most customers can create and launch a mobile opt-in digital experience in less than five minutes using this Template.

3. On Package QR Code or NFC Tag

With shoppers seeking new product options and some retailers adopting clean store policies, it’s more important than ever to ensure your product benefits are clear to consumers.

By placing a QR code or NFC tag on product packaging, brands can control what information consumers access for each product. QR codes and NFC tags can be tied to unique digital experiences that provide everything from product information and how-to videos, to troubleshooting guides and customer service chatbots.

Using our Product Information Template, you can quickly create and easily manage a highly-personalized digital experience for each of your product models. 

Text PRODUCTINFO to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Product Information Template can be customized for your brand. Most customers can create and launch a product-specific digital experience in less than 20 minutes using this Template. 

4. Personalized Product Recommendations

Offer your customers something the competition can’t - a personalized product recommendation based on their unique needs and requirements.

Create a product quiz that asks customers a series of questions about their needs. Based on each customer’s response a unique product or set of products are recommended. Your customers can then easily take action on these product recommendations. They can read product details or make a purchase.

5. Give Customers Confidence

Buying a new product can be intimidating. Customers want to know they’ll be successful in assembling and operating a new product.

If your brand can demonstrate to prospective customers that their product onboarding process will be painless, you will differentiate from your competitors. This means that during the Awareness phase of a customer’s journey - when consumers are evaluating their buying options - your brand’s messaging jumps ahead to a presumptive purchase. 

Create a product onboarding experience that gives new customers step-by-step instructions for using their new product. Prospective customers can access this digital experience to gain the confidence they need to make a purchase decision.

Lumavate’s Product Onboarding Template is designed to ensure a customer’s first experience is an extremely positive one. First impressions and product adoption go hand-in-hand for customers. According to UserPilot, 86 percent of customers indicated they would remain loyal to a brand that offers a product onboarding experience. 

When you’re a product company with lots of competitors in the aisle with you, you must have an excellent customer onboarding process to guide them through your product and show them its immediate value. 

Text ONBOARD to 586828* to see an example of how our best-in-class Product Onboarding Template can be used to provide your new customers with an exceptional first-time experience. Most customers can create and launch a product onboarding digital experience in less than 30 minutes using this Template.


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