Save Time and Money by Digitizing Your Product Sheets

Creating and updating product sheets for your sales team, partners, customers, and more can be extremely time-consuming. With Lumavate, you can build digital versions that are automatically updated every time your product data changes.

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Eliminate Your Printing Costs

No need to print countless product sheets for your sales team or customers and then throw them away once they’re outdated. Instead, you can build digital versions within minutes that are connected directly to your product data stored in our Product Information Management (PIM) solution.

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Ditch the Manual Process

Don’t spend precious marketing resources on manually updating all of the various product sheets your sales team and customers need. Using Lumavate, you can quickly build an unlimited number of digital product sheets within minutes, and pull directly from the PIM. This means anytime your product data or related digital assets are updated, all applicable digital product sheets automatically reflect the change. Say goodbye to remembering every product sheet using specific product data, and hello to instantaneous updates.

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Create Customized Product Sheets in Minutes

Ever get asked to create a customized version of a product sheet and immediately want to say no? Creating customized product sheets is definitely a non-starter for many marketers who are still tasked with doing them manually. With Lumavate, you can easily create a Product Sheet template and within minutes create a customized version. We make it seamless to create and manage product sheets for all of your company’s needs.

Screen showing a digital experience being created from a template within the Lumavate Studio

Multiple Ways to Share

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to how you share your product sheets. Sometimes it makes sense to post them online while other product sheets may only be shared via email. When you use Lumavate, all of your product sheets are created as digital experiences and you can easily add them to your website, share via a link in an email, or as a QR code on your trade show booth. No matter how you choose to share it, your customers will always see the latest version.

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Identify the Most Utilized Product Sheets

Your team is responsible for creating and managing a ton of product-related content, and it can be almost impossible to determine the best-performing pieces of content when they’re primarily delivered as PDFs. Using Lumavate, you have the ability to see how many people view each Product Sheet allowing you to focus your resources on the content that generates the most usage across your business.

Screen showing analytics for multiple product sheets

See Lumavate in Action

Meet with one of our experts to see how easy it is to centralize your product data, manage digital assets, and create digital product experiences. Trust us…you’re going to be wowed.