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Six examples of digital experiences shown on mobile screens.

Account-based Marketing (ABM)

Stand out from the competition throughout the entire sales process by sending a highly-personalized digital experience to each account in your pipeline. This template includes a personalized video from the account executive, sales process checklist, detailed information about the applicable products or services, contact information for the selling team, ability to chat directly with the team, and so much more.

Dealer Experience

Create a 100 percent personalized co-branded experience for every dealer. This template allows you to control the look and feel of the digital experience while enabling dealers to upload content, images, and send text messages to their opted-in customers.

Dealer Portal

Empower your dealers to manage all aspects of their partnership with your company. This template includes the ability to update account information, access marketing resources, submit order requests, and more.

Guided Shopping

Guide your customers quickly find and purchase the products they need based on information they provide to your brand. Using this template, you can also collect additional information about your customers to further personalize their customer experience.


Help your brand standout in the aisle amongst competitors to drive more sales in-store. This template highlights key product functionality, competitor comparisons, product reviews, and more.

Lead Registration

Capture leads for your sales team no matter where they are. This template allows leads to provide their contact information and their product interest, then submits that data directly to Salesforce.

Marketing Campaign

Create a digital element for your next marketing campaign. This template includes campaign highlights and a lead registration form integrated to Salesforce, and more.

Mobile Messaging Opt-in

Enable your customers to easily opt-in to receive text messages from your company. This template ensures you meet all messaging compliance requirements and automatically takes care of the double opt-in.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Customer Survey

Capture real-time customer feedback and send the data directly into your system of record. This template includes the applicable NPS questions and enables you to launch a NPS survey in a matter of minutes.

Product Comparison

Empower customers to easily compare multiple products so they can find and purchase the best product for your needs. This template can be used to compare multiple products from your brand or compare products your brand offers with products from competitors.

Product Guide

Eliminate the need for a printed product guide that is outdated as soon as it’s printed. Instead, provide your customers with a digital product guide that is always up-to-date. This template includes detailed product information such as images, product descriptions, related accessories, and more.

Product Information

Provide your customers with easy access to product information with a quick scan of a QR code directly on your product. This template includes product manuals, how-to videos, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and customer support contact information.

Product Launch

Amplify your product launch with a digital experience that highlights the new product and provides exclusive content. This template includes product information, exclusive content, promotional offer, ability to opt-in to receive marketing emails and text messages, and more.

Product Lookbook

Inspire your customers with a digital product lookbook that provides customers with ideas on how to incorporate your products into their lives.

Product Maintenance Tracking

Enable your customers to track their product usage and provide recommendations on when maintenance should be performed based on usage. Customers can also track the date of all completed product maintenance.

Product Onboarding

Ensure your customers have an exceptional first-time experience with your product by providing them with step-by-step instructions for using their new product. This template includes installation instructions, how to videos, FAQs, customer support contact information, and more.

Product Packaging

Bring your products to life by incorporating QR codes or NFC tags on product packaging that provides customers with access to product information, videos, manuals, and more.

Product Recommendations

Help your customers find the best product for their needs through an interactive quiz. This template enables you to ask customers a series of questions and use that information to recommend one or more products. Using this template, you can also collect quiz data, opt-ins to receive emails and texts, and integrate with your eCommerce solution.

Product Registration

Enable your customers to submit product registration data directly into your system of record. This template also gives you the ability to capture additional first-party data as well as allow your customers to opt-in to receive emails or texts.

Product Training

Ensure your customers know how to properly use the product by providing step-by-step training. This template allows you to share videos, operator's manuals, troubleshooting tips, and more.

Rebate Submission

Make it simple for your customers to send in their rebate submission for their recently purchased product and have this information sent directly into your system of record.

Sales Resources

Make it easier than ever for your sales team to access and share marketing resources with their customers. This template includes all marketing resources and the ability to share resources via email or text with others.

Shopper Campaign

Increase your product sales in-store by combining your shopper campaign with a digital element. With this template, you can highlight your promoted product, share a promotional offer, collect opt-ins for marketing emails and text messages, and more.

Trade Show: Attendee

Create an interactive element for your trade show booth and eliminate the need for printed materials. This template includes a company overview, detailed information on your featured products or services, ability to schedule a meeting with a sales representative, option to submit contact information and opt-in to receive emails and texts, and more.

Trade Show: Booth Management

Simplify the process for managing your trade show booth and booth workers by having all of the key information at your fingertips. This template includes an overview of your booth, key event talking points, booth schedule, key event information, meeting room scheduling, contact list, lead capture, and more.

Trade Show: Interactive Booth

Connect your physical trade show booth with an interactive element and provide booth attendees with product-specific content, videos, and more that take the products highlighted in your booth to the next level. Using this template, you can also easily capture lead information from booth attendees and their product interests.

Warranty Registration

Enable your customers to submit warranty registration information directly into your system of record. With this template, you can also collect additional zero-party data and allow customers to opt-in to receive emails or texts.

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