Pair Your Product Packaging and Labeling With a Digital Experience

Give your product a digital voice by adding a QR code on your product packaging or label that provides customers with curated product information to enhance their overall experience with your product.

Lawnmower box showing a QR code on the package and a mobile device scanning the QR code.

Make a Strong First Impression

First impressions matter. That’s why it’s critical your customers are getting product information directly from your brand and not from random content on Google. By adding a QR code, text keyword, or NFC tag to your product packaging or labeling, you can provide your customers with curated product information that comes directly from our Product Information Management (PIM) solution. This ensures you’re always providing customers with the most accurate product information.

Multiple types of product packaging with QR codes on each package

Increase Your Product Registration Rates

The standard printed product registration cards included with your product end up in the trash more often than they do in the mail. Using Lumavate, you can include product registration within the digital product experience tied to your packaging or label making it seamless for customers to register their product and provide their contact information.

Refrigerator and washing machine shown next to a mobile device with a form on it to use for product registration

Simplify Access to Product Information

Throughout the life of your product, there will be numerous times when your customers need detailed product information, how-to videos, troubleshooting tips, and more. And it’s safe to say that none of them kept their printed product manuals to pull out at a moment’s notice. Instead, they’ll likely start searching the internet for answers to their product questions. The downside? You can’t always control what appears at the top of the search results and it could be information that isn’t applicable to your products or isn’t what you’d like customers to see. The best way to prevent this from happening is by including a QR code, NFC tag, or text activation on your product label so customers can easily access accurate product information curated by your business.

Multiple mobile phones showing product information and FAQs

Connect Directly to Your Customers

Unless a customer is buying directly from your brand, it’s unlikely you have access to their contact information to send them promotional offers, product recall notices, maintenance reminders, and more. That’s why you need to make it easy for customers to opt-in to receive text messages and emails from your brand. Using Lumavate, your product packaging and labeling digital experience can include opt-ins to your email and text messaging programs. Plus, the Lumavate Platform includes full text messaging capabilities so you can start sending out text messages as soon as subscribers join.

Multiple mobile phones shown with one phone showing a form and the other two showing text messages

See Lumavate in Action

Meet with one of our experts to see how easy it is to centralize your product data, manage digital assets, and create digital product experiences. Trust us…you’re going to be wowed.