Delight Your Channel Partners

Show your channel partners how much their partnership means to your business by making it easy to share your product data and digital assets in the format they need to sell your products.

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Customized Outputs in Minutes

Each of your channel partners have different needs for your product data and digital assets. Some channel partners need it to feed directly into their backend system while others need a digital product catalog to enable their sales team. With Lumavate, you can easily share your product information with a channel partner in whatever format works best for their business. This means you can actually provide each channel partner with a customized output in only a few minutes.

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Instantaneous Updates

Your product data is constantly changing. That’s why it needs to be seamless for your channel partners to get updated product information in real-time. Using Lumavate, the product information used for each channel partner is tied to Lumavate’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution ensuring anytime product data is updated, the outputs for each channel partner are too.

Screen showing Lumavate’s PIM solution with an icon showing it’s constantly updated

See Lumavate in Action

Meet with one of our experts to see how easy it is to centralize your product data, manage digital assets, and create digital product experiences. Trust us…you’re going to be wowed.