3-Step Starter Guide: Mapping Your Customer Journey

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by Leigh Hamer | Last Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Developing a comprehensive roadmap to the ideal customer journey is an intensive - but rewarding - undertaking. 

Get started by breaking down the process into three (achievable) tasks:

  1. Gather the Right Team
  2. Define Your Customer Journey
  3. Complete a Customer Journey Assessment + SWOT Analysis

Step 1: Gather the Right Team

It’s critical to gather the right team to fully document your brand’s customer journey.

Customer journey map

Once you’ve identified the key stakeholders who will represent each area of your business, you can collaborate on the next two steps.

Step 2: Define Your Customer Journey

The traditional customer journey is comprised of three stages: Pre-Sale, Sale, and Post-Sale. Customers move through these stages at various rates depending on the product, their own aptitude, and how easy brands make it on them.

For example, buying a piece of home exercise equipment is typically a significant purchase (i.e. expensive), so consumers are more likely to do a lot of upfront research before plunking down a few grand.

This is where your team needs to document your customer persona(s) for each stage of the customer journey.

Step 3: Customer Journey Assessment + SWOT Analysis

To create a foundation for your digital product strategy, you must assess several factors for each step in the customer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention, and Loyalty. 

Lumavate has developed a worksheet to guide your team through a working session. Consider the following as your team discusses each step of the customer journey.

While completing the Customer Journey Assessment, you and your team are likely to identify what’s working and not working within your existing customer journey. Conducting a formal SWOT analysis will help you see a clear picture of where your customer journey is today and how to improve it. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

When developing a digital product strategy, a SWOT analysis should be conducted for each step of the customer journey. Lumavate recommends that teams run a strategy session where they complete the Assessment and SWOT Analysis together.

Building Personalized Digital Experiences

Once you have a clear picture of your customer journey, you can develop a strategic engagement plan. In your Lumavate Studio you can quickly build and launch digital experiences that personalize your customer journey.

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