Customer Experience: Everything Starts Here

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Every company wants to achieve exceptional customer experiences. The conversation surrounding customer journeys, sales handoffs, and contract life cycles have all fall under Customer Experience, and this experience must be positive. A positive customer experience can do a lot for your business: increase brand loyalty, foster brand advocates, and create unique and personalization for your logo. All things that will help your business grow. But what exactly is a great customer experience? Purpose In Partnerships  Here at Lumavate, we partner with our customers to ensure they have the best experience possible, not simply being transactional when interacting with them by listening, establishing trust, and always-on communicating. We benefit if customers see growth in their business because of our products and platform. So what’s the difference between being a customer partner and providing customer support? To put it simply, it’s everything. Everything falls under this big umbrella of customer experience so let’s break it down to the things we do to go above and beyond and the everyday tasks that mean a lot.  As partners for our customers, we’re an extension of their team. When they have a problem to solve, we hope they think, “The Lumavate team will have a solution for this.” For example, I have had customers email lengthy lists of questions asking about different functionalities and how to engage their specific users best. My answer is always the same; let’s hop on a call to talk through this. I carve time out of my day to ensure they get the answer they are looking for and are asking the right questions so they can succeed. When it comes to digital experiences, our customers rely on our expertise and knowledge. We guide them to the best solution to help them meet the needs of their audience.  We also want to arm our customers with ready-to-use data to make them look like heroes in their next company meeting. That is why we set up Google Analytics accounts for all paid customers. But, we don’t just stop there. We review the data regularly and make suggestions to our customers. We keep track of trends. We ask thoughtful questions about their marketing efforts and activation strategies. We work hard to understand their products and audiences so we can make recommendations that guide them to better results.  Going above and beyond for customers builds trust, but the little wows go just as far, especially when our clients are in a crunch. So we make sure to show up for our customers every chance we get– by answering emails quickly, even if simply acknowledging that the work is underway. Nothing feels better to a stressed customer than knowing their concern is getting addressed and a solution is right around the corner.  We offer everyone the same quick and delightful customer experience regardless of account size. When we get a chat alert from someone working on our platform, we answer their questions and give them the tools to be successful in ensuring they can get their digital experience out in the world as quickly as possible. When they come to Lumavate Support via email, chat, or their Customer Success Manager, our customers know that they will get the answers they need and as a partner throughout the entire customer experience. So yes, the answer to creating a positive customer experience is, well, everything.  

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