How to Increase Customer Engagement by Bridging Offline and Online Experiences

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by Raymond Fodiman | Last Updated: Jan 17, 2023

It's time to synthesize your brand’s online and offline presences.  It makes sense that the two channels evolved separately. For a while, there’ve been print ads, radio ads, and TV commercials.  With the evolution of the internet, we now have an abundance for digital channels including, email marketing, website ads, social media marketing, etc.  Today, we see the importance of intertwining the two separate marketing channels become even more critical for brands who want to provide a seamless customer experience. Here are three principles of bridging offline and online marketing channels that can help drive revenue and brand loyalty for your business. Speak to Customers in One Voice It is essential that all communication between your brand and your customers and potential consumers is consistent and accurate. Therefore, marketing teams should not be siloed.  In his interview for Clarity in Commerce, Stephen Chriss, a VP at Campbell Soup Company, discussed how he combined Campbell’s Shopper Marketing, Traditional Merchandising, Digital Merchandising, and eCommerce into his Digital Commerce & Omnishopper Marketing team.  Same with marketing teams, your marketing systems should be properly aligned. For example, ensuring that your CMS is well-organized would help create coherent communication from your brand. Omnichannel Engagement Once your brand communication is aligned, it is all about taking advantage of the fact that consumers are reliant on their smartphones when shopping. You can use this to engage consumers anywhere and everywhere.   Send an email or engage with consumers via social media before they even arrive in store. Give shoppers the opportunity to scan a sign for a coupon in-store. Even engage with customers once they exit, like Sephora, a cosmetics and skincare brand; they use location-based marketing via beacons to send in-app notifications when customers are in  the store, and then personalized emails and texts upon leaving.  Drive Results With clear and consistent messaging throughout the customer journey, you will drive incredible results for your brand. What results are we talking about? There are offline metrics, like store visits. There are online metrics for email, website, and mobile, like subscribers, page visits, and time in-app, respectively. All in all, proper connection between offline and online channels will drive bottom-line goals, like revenue.  Best Bridges Between Offline and Online Looking for even more ideas to bridge the gap between offline and online? Click here to learn about some more examples.

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