Rolling Out Shopper Experiences in the Aisle Through Shelf and Floor Talkers Improves the Retail Customer Experience

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by Averi Easley | Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

According to Forbes, online shopping accounted for $1 trillion in 2021. While online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, 84% of sales come from physical stores.

Consumers have many options when visiting their local store and browsing for a particular product. Some consumers know what product they will purchase, while others may need guidance before purchasing. According to Retail Customer Experience, 44 percent of customers felt swayed to buy an advertised product over one they originally planned to purchase. This approach opens the door for marketers to find a way to stand out and have customers choose their products.

Generally, channel marketers are tasked with driving sales for products and running shopper campaigns. Brands must find a way to stand out to capture attention and drive the consideration of their productThis can be increasingly challenging in a bustling market.

I recently found myself at a home improvement store looking for storm doors. There were quite a few brands, and each had multiple options; however, most options were unavailable in the store. It prompted me to search their website for the product in the particular color I wanted. After several searches, I was unable to find the same product. This was pretty frustrating, as I was looking at the original version right in front of me.

A great way channel marketers could improve a customer's experience would be to provide them with an in-aisle digital experience. Traditional floor talkers and shelf talkers still work, but their results become amplified when tied with a digital experience. By utilizing a digital experience platform, marketers can associate a QR code with product information, including sizing, color options, reviews, and anything else that could be useful to the customer. A digital experience that helps customers find the right product can drive a dramatic increase in sales and create a positive brand experience with customers. Thinking back to my personal experience in the aisle, it would have been beneficial to have been able to quickly scan a QR code, review the other product colors and then eventually visit the website to purchase.

In an ever-competitive market, consumers face numerous products to choose from and buy. Using a traditional floor talker or shelf talker with an in-aisle digital experience can help your products stand out and increase sales. Learn how easy it is to create engaging and highly-personalized digital experiences in the aisle for every moment in your customer journey and product life cycle.

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