Building a Lasting Impression with Product Onboarding

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by Nick Brems | Last Updated: Sep 28, 2022

First impressions and product adoption go hand-in-hand for customers. According to UserPilot, 86 percent of customers indicated they would remain loyal to a brand that offers a product onboarding experience. When you’re a product company with lots of competitors in the aisle with you, you must have an excellent customer onboarding process to guide them through your product and show them its immediate value.  Consumers don’t want to read a giant product guide to perform simple functions. Without clear and straightforward instructions that guide new customers, it doesn’t matter if a product is the best in its category. As a result, they won’t want to deal with the onboarding process, and your churn will increase. To avoid churn and reduce customer time-to-value, this includes every step of the customer journey, from when consumers purchase a product, to installation, to future maintenance calls. It starts with a first impression, the chance to get consumers to keep returning to your product. Next, it sets the tone for future engagement, learning more about product features interactively. Our Product Onboarding Template gives consumers direct access to instant product information from one digital experience. It gives customers the resources they need to successfully get acquainted with your product and create an exceptional first-time experience with it.  Our Product Onboarding Template includes the following: The Product Onboarding Template is for anyone who wants to deliver maximum product value to the customer and make a memorable first impression with their brand. This template can be easily copied into your Lumavate Studio and enable you to quickly customize the product content and branding within just a few minutes. Text ONBOARD to 586828 to see an example of how the Product Onboarding Template could come to life for your products. *Msg & data rates may apply. May receive up to 2 msgs. Reply HELP to 586828 for help.Text STOP to 586828 to cancel. For terms and privacy, click here to learn more.

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