It's Time to Think Differently About Mobile

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The Rules of Mobile Are Changing

Gone are the days of developing native mobile apps that yield high adoption and engagement. Today’s consumers are no longer compelled to “download, update, and repeat” native mobile apps for every brand they interact with. So, where do you go from here? Big brands like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are catching onto this shift, and are adopting newer, faster, web-based mobile experiences called Progressive Web Apps. It’s time we provide these experiences to our mobile-hungry customers–fast.

That’s where Lumavate comes in.

Enterprise Platform for Progressive Web Apps

Our platform enables you to create highly-personalized and engaging mobile experiences at scale. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) take the best of native mobile apps and ditch the download, allowing for a truly seamless mobile experience at every touchpoint of your customer journey. Here are some of the benefits of using our platform to design and deploy your mobile experiences:

  • Designed for Marketers

    Create highly-personalized and engaging mobile experiences in 30 minutes or less

  • Built for IT

    Utilize our Widget Toolkit and open APIs to connect your systems to our platform

  • Smart Activations

    Increase adoption by providing NFC, QR code, text, or click to activate experiences

  • Mobile That Evolves

    Provide mobile experiences for every touchpoint of your customer journey