The QR Code is Back to Take Center Stage

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s hard to believe that QR Codes were invented in 1994 and have been touted as the “next best thing in marketing” since Seinfeld was the number-one show on television. These abstract scannable squares were first used in manufacturing and are now more commonly used in all areas of digital marketing. And for some, there’s still a love-hate relationship. A few milestones pushed the QR Code’s prevalence forward. The first is Apple using the native camera to scan them. Users no longer needed to jump the massive hurdle of downloading a specific QR Code scanning app to use them. Apple being the trendsetter, pushed Android to follow suit, giving savvy marketers more reason to dive into including QR Codes in their strategic marketing plans.  The second acceleration came during the Pandemic when restaurants replaced physical menus with QR Codes. So scanning a QR Code to view a menu became so commonplace that even the least techy people knew what a QR Code was and felt comfortable using it.  All this is to say the average user feels right at home opening their native camera and scanning a QR Code to get information. QR Codes are resurgent everywhere from promoting brands on connected TVs, including at this year’s Super Bowl with Coinbase’s ad stunt, to educating consumers in aisle with product information at any big box store. During the planning phase of a marketing campaign, marketers often ask themselves the best ways to leverage QR technology. It is:  Here at Lumavate, we’ve been screaming from the rooftops that QR Codes are here to stay.  We realize their power to provide quick and dynamic digital experiences and the versatility of their use. However, we know marketers are sophisticated and aren’t using the same tactics from the early 2000s when implementing QR Codes. That’s why our digital experiences come with a unique QR Code to empower our customers' audiences to any experience. In addition, we take it further by providing activation tracking within each Studio and more detailed Google Analytics tracking for our paid customers.   The QR Code has been a supporting cast member in marketing for many years. Now it has a leading role. Some marketers may agree with this statement. Others won’t. For us, it’s the rock for brand marketing campaigns, a tool to support digital marketing efforts and help deliver unmatched sales and return on investment.

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