Drive Higher Productivity for Your Marketing and Sales Teams

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Marketers, ever look at an overwhelming to-do list and not know where to start? These days maximizing efficiency is a top priority for every marketer, regardless of industry, and the question often asked is – How can we do more with the same amount of time and resources? While we can’t magically grant ourselves more time in the day, we can implement more efficiency into our sales and marketing teams to help drive higher productivity and collect leads faster with our newest product release Card Scanner Component functionality.  Collect Leads Faster with the Card Scanner Component Lead generation is the name of the game at conferences and events. You’ve likely spent a lot of time and resources planning for sales activations, customer meetings, and partner engagement at the event, so you want to ensure your sales team is set up for success.  Using our new Card Scanner Component, marketing and sales teams can collect leads faster than ever. The conference team managing the booth scans a business card, and the information instantaneously populates in a Form created in the Lumavate Platform. After a quick review, the data will flow directly into your CRM of record.  With this functionality, attendees that visit your booth can spend less time tediously filling out lead registration forms and more time engaging with the product and solutions demos and building relationships with your sales team.  Visualize Your Calendly Events in One Place According to Reclaim, the average person attends 25 meetings a week. That’s a lot of meetings to keep track of, especially if you have calendars on multiple devices, where some can slip through the cracks if not properly organized.  With our new data integration with Calendly and the new Calendly Schedule Component, you can visualize all scheduled Calendly events for a specific user in your digital experiences. It’s a great way to view upcoming sales meetings, podcast interviews, booth meetings, and more.  Place CTAs Side-by-side with Double Buttons Sometimes, one button isn't enough. Now you can place two buttons next to each other in your digital experiences with our new Double Button Component.  It’s for all the times you need to pair two CTAs next to each other, like a phone number and email address, resources like FAQs and videos, or perhaps you want to give users the option to “Book a Meeting” and “Try Now.” 

Put It All Together with Our ABM: Prospecting Template 

Now that your sales team is equipped with the tools to collect lead information even faster, ABM: Prospecting template fast tracks the process to book meetings. With this template, ABM marketers can create a custom experience for each of your target accounts in a matter of minutes.  In addition, there’s an option to embed a personalized video from sales managers by using one of the seven video integrations in the Lumavate Platform to capture attention, tailor content relevant to each account, and enable prospects to book meetings within the experience using integrations like Calendly. To start using the new functionality or the ABM: Prospecting template, jump into your Lumavate Studio today or sign-up for a quick demo of the platform to start driving more productivity.

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