How to Improve the Shopper Experience

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Dec 26, 2022

95 percent of our decisions are made subconsciously. Marketers are not exempt from this phenomenon. It’s the reason why certain colors are used in logos or why pandering to certain emotions in ads can persuade consumers to purchase from a specific brand. 

If the shopping experience is not disrupted, consumers are at the will of their subconscious and will shop on autopilot. To truly capture the attention of consumers, marketers need to innovate by harnessing the power of digital to drive revenue for their brand.  

Adding a digital element to the shopper experience is the perfect way to help drive revenue and increase brand loyalty. Our Shopper Campaign Template is designed to increase your product sales in-store by combining your shopper campaign with a digital element. 

This Template includes the ability to add promotional offers, product overviews, best practices, and more. This template can be activated in a variety of ways including QR codes on shelves and floor talkers or through a text code or URL via social media, ad, or email. 

Shopper Campaign Examples 

The way marketers can use the shopper campaign template is endless. Below are just a few examples of ways to include this template into your marketing strategy

Food and Beverage

For example, let’s say your brand had a healthy beverage product and wanted to run a campaign for the new year to promote a healthier lifestyle using this product. You could include a number of recipes that are centered around a healthier lifestyle, include workouts customers can complete, and include some information about your product. 

Beauty Brands 

Let’s say you work at a makeup brand. You could create a shopper campaign featuring a specific product, like an eyeshadow palette, and create various pages highlighting different looks customers can make with the one eyeshadow pallet. You could also include a TikTok or YouTube integration that pulls videos from creators showing how they’ve used the palette. Then you could also encourage customers to create their own looks and sign up or get special promotions if they buy the product. 

Cleaning Products

If you work for a cleaning product company, you can create a digital shopper experience that highlights various tips on cleaning tips, how often consumers should be cleaning their homes, best practices, etc. You could also include an interactive image displaying the various benefits of consumers using this cleaning product (ex: if your brand refrains from using harsh chemicals). 

Explore the Shopper Campaign Template 

Here’s why adding a digital element to your shopping campaign works - it creates a number of touchpoints customers can take to interact with your brand so it's always top of mind. 

Want to see an example of the Shopper Campaign? Click here to see how the Shopper Campaign Template can work for your brand.

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