Top 8 Templates for Brand Marketers at Manufacturing Companies

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Brand marketers at manufacturing companies have a lot on their plates. You are fighting through the noise of other brands, competing for diminishing shelf and floor space, and fighting for better product registration rates. Lumavate sees you and recognizes that these are just a few of the hurdles you need to jump.  On top of these fights, you are trying to make waves in the digital space, increase consumer engagement, and catch useful customer data. Moving to a digital experience allows for more iteration, easy updates to product information, and the ability to meet customers where they are – on their mobile devices.  Lumavate offers solutions to the problems brand marketers are facing in the manufacturing space. These solutions are able to be built and deployed without the support of a development team. That’s right. The brand marketer who is struggling can solve their problems themselves — and fast. To make it even easier we’re outlining the top eight templates that can make a difference in your brand marketing strategy. 

8 Templates for Brand Marketers at Manufacturing Companies

1. Digitize Your Product Guide

The Product Guide template offers a clean and sleek way to display product information for your customers to consider before purchasing. It also cuts down work for your internal team. By moving this (typically) heavy printed document to a digital experience it is much easier to update and manage. Changes to pricing and product specs can be made in seconds and pushed live to your audiences. No more out-of-date data circulating and confusing your customers. 

2. You Know Your Products Best

Give your customers what they are looking for with a Product Information digital experience. When making a large manufacturing purchase, your customers want to consider all of the facts. By simply scanning a QR code every question your customer has about your product can be answered. This allows you to directly communicate with your customers, putting you incontrol of the conversation.

3. Never Lose a Manual Again

Put your product information where users will see it with the Product Packaging template. This way right when they are considering your product, they have all the information they need to know it is the right choice for them. It is also handy after they make the purchase and need a refresh on the product specs. They don’t need to search for a printed paper owner’s manual anymore. The information is available to them with the scan of a QR code. 

4. Onboard with Confidence

Customers want to trust your brand, they want to feel confident in their purchase and know they will be successful once they leave the store. Make the customer experience a great one with a Product Onboarding digital experience. Place activation methods like text keywords or a QR code on the packaging or the product itself to give your customers easy access to onboarding information. You’ll save time and money by not printing pricey printed materials that are often thrown away with the box. When your customers feel confident using your products they are more likely to return and become loyal customers. 

5. Make Registration Easy

Make it easy for your customers to engage with your brand with a Product Registration experience. By prompting your consumers to register their product with a simple form you can gather valuable customer information. This will aid your team with support calls. Your support team will no longer need to spend precious time collecting customer data before they can solve a problem. Now when a customer calls, you can jump right to the solution. 

6. Break Through the Noise

The In-Aisle template is a great place to stand out. This template is geared toward disrupting the aisle and grabbing your customer’s attention. When a prospective customer is standing in the store looking at all of the options you want to be the one they gravitate towards. You need to stand out amongst your competitors and grab your consumers' attention. Connecting digitally can do that. 

7. Enhance Your Current Campaigns

The Marketing Campaign template is designed to work alongside your other marketing efforts. Adding a digital element to your next marketing campaign can wake up your consumers and direct their attention to your brand. Make your next marketing campaign stand out. 

8. Connect on Mobile

The Mobile Opt-In template opens the line of communication between you and your consumer. By saying yes to a mobile opt-in your consumers are screaming “Yes! I want to talk to your brand!” You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Not only does it give you direct access to the phone in your consumer’s pocket, it provides amazing customer data. You no longer need to rely on the dealer or third-party seller to market your product. For possibly the first time, you know who is buying your products and you can build a relationship with them.  Moving to digital is a great way to engage your customers, break through the noise, and stand out. Your customers are asking for better product information and they want it at their fingertips. Are you ready to answer their calls? Learn more about Lumavate’s Templates or take an on-demand tour to see how you can use Lumavate’s templates.

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