One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

What can you build with Lumavate? Almost anything. From product registration to onboarding to shopper campaigns to account-based marketing to communications, our platform brings all of your digital ideas to life.

Designed to Support Every Use Case

Our platform enables you to create landing pages, mobile apps, microsites, portals, and more for every use case you can imagine for your business.


Promote new products, special offers, in-store sales, and more by combining your marketing campaigns with a digital experience designed to drive sales.


Streamline the process from product registration to onboarding to maintenance and troubleshooting, and establish true advocates for your brand.


Disrupt the aisle with an engaging digital element to share product information, compare products, provide product recommendations, and more.


Amplify your content with exclusive digital experiences that provide your customers with content relevant to where they are in the journey with your brand.


Build Forms and pass data directly into your existing data system for product registrations, lead capture, customer information, and so much more.


Delight your dealers and partners with personalized communications, an exclusive portal, co-branded experiences, and more.


Provide 100 percent personalized communications to your customers, partners, and employees ensuring they have easy access to information relevant to them.


Create an interactive element for your booth and provide every visitor with a digital resource to take with them.

Account-based Marketing

Stand out from the competition with a personalized experience for every account you target as part of your ABM efforts.

Demand Generation

Drive consistent demand for your products that converts from interest to sales quickly.

Customer Support

Reduce your customer support costs by providing troubleshooting resources at your customers’ fingertips.


Drive increased revenue by maximizing sales team productivity, capturing leads, providing an online shopping experience, or making it simple to reorder past purchases.


Reduce the amount of licenses needed with a customized front-end that aligns to your processes and allows for the updating of data stored in Salesforce.


Capture real-time feedback from customers, partners, and employees to measure satisfaction, engagement, and more.

Employee Engagement

Connect with your employees with highly-personalized content and digital experiences throughout their employment with your business.


Enable customers to use your products, partners to effectively sell your products, and employees to have the tools they need to effectively do their job.


Stand out from the crowd with engaging digital recruiting experiences that help you land the best talent for your business.

Create Digital Experiences for Your Entire Customer Journey

Launch Faster with Templates

We’ve built a collection of best-in-class templates for every use case that will drastically shorten your speed-to-market from days to hours. Plus, they’re fully vetted by our team of digital experts, so you know you’re always putting out an incredible digital experience for your audience.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?