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Mobile App Marketing Platform

Mobile App Marketing Platform 

Content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing… It seems like every day there is a new channel of marketing that we are supposed to know and be an expert on. This is because technology is constantly evolving which leads to ever-changing consumer behavior. So it’s no surprise that here we have another new marketing practice: mobile app marketing. If you’re wondering how to marketing an app or what a mobile app marketing platform is, stay tuned. We’re going to explain it all here. A mobile app marketing company or a mobile app marketing agency works with organizations to help promote the brand’s mobile app. A mobile game marketing agency will work with companies that want to create a gaming app. These agencies have a mobile app market research tool that can look at app download data and determine what the best course of action should be for your brand. Many of these companies that offer a mobile app marketing service will use mobile app marketing tools such as App Annie, to look at various mobile app trends. 

When thinking about how to market an app successfully, there are many approaches that could be taken. The approaches will greatly depend on the type of app. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and native mobile apps are two popular options companies have when developing a mobile app. With a PWA there are many mobile marketing strategies that can be used to promote the app such as QR codes in OOH advertisements, NFC tags, or SMS campaigns that include the PWA URL. On the other hand, marketing for a native mobile app will use app download marketing and marketing that drives consumers to the app store to make a download. Therefore, it is critical to fully understand the type of app you are marketing, and how different marketing tactics will drive success for different types of app. Regardless of the type of app, it is crucial to provide relevant content and an engaging experience for your users with your mobile app. Not only does Lumavate have hundreds of resources on how to create the best app marketing strategy possible, but Lumavate is also the leading mobile app platform for marketers. Lumavate is a no code platform, where marketers can build a mobile app in a matter of hours. Every mobile app built on the Lumavate platform is a PWA. Try the Lumavate platform today. 

Mobile Marketing Benefits

Mobile marketing is a relatively new term in recent years, and many older industries may not know the true mobile marketing meaning. It’s important to first understand digital and mobile marketing meaning and types. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that incorporates any marketing that happens on any digital channel to reach your customer. You can think of it as websites, social media, SEO, email, SMS, and many other types of marketing but it is not specific to a device. A digital marketing agency may not be able to provide the best mobile marketing tools, and might just rely on searching ‘mobile marketing Wikipedia’ for answers.  Whereas the meaning of mobile marketing is that it is part of digital marketing but is focused on consumers who use their mobile devices or tablets to access the information. This can be through a mobile device, wearables, voice, tablets, etc. There are many types of mobile marketing such as SEO, SMS campaigns, app-based marketing, location-based marketing, push notifications, QR codes, and more. Now that we are clear on the meaning of mobile and digital marketing, let's dive a little deeper into the features of mobile marketing and mobile marketing pros and cons. 

If you are reading this you probably already know about the mobile marketing importance and potential ROI it has on brands, but let’s look into some staggering key statistics on why having a mobile marketing strategy has become so integral to your marketing efforts. In just four years from 2016 to 2020, Statista reports the number of smartphone users increased by a billion users, from 2.5 billion to 3.5 billion users! The list of mobile marketing benefits is endless! Mobile is the channel customers want to interact with your brand on. With mobile marketing statistics as staggering as the fact that over 40 percent of mobile transactions happen on mobile - it is crucial to figure out how your brand will leverage the mobile marketing channels to your full advantage. There are many advantages of mobile marketing such as easy access due to phones constantly being by our sides, instant transactions occurring (no more needing to drive to the store), local targeting, and personalization - and that’s just naming a few. The digital age has created a scope of mobile marketing that can reach people at any time and in most places. The benefits definitely explain the reason behind the rise in mobile marketing and tend to outway some of the cons. Let’s now look at a few mobile marketing examples of some brands and their mobile marketing efforts.

  • Domino’s Pizza Tracker - The Domino’s Pizza Tracker has become an icon and used in many industries and other companies’ mobile marketing efforts. This mobile marketing example shows a great case study of how there was a customer friction point (not knowing when your pizza was going to arrive) to how the brand responded in their marketing efforts to find a solution to that issue. It is now used across healthcare, restaurants, logistics, and other industries to help end-users or customers stay in touch with the delivery process. 
  • Burger King Burn That Ad - Burger King is known for now shying away from advertisements that poke at their competitors. This rival ad campaign allowed consumers to open up Burger King’s app and use it to burn competitors’ ads and receive a free whopper in their mobile marketing strategy 2019.

If you listen to our Mobile Matters episode with Patrick Flanagan, you’ll be able to hear some other mobile marketing examples 2019 and other great mobile marketing ideas as well. There are many mobile marketing ideas that range from apps to SMS campaigns, to just having a mobile website. Lumavate does have a new podcast, Real Marketers, that gives listeners great marketing advice and presents various mobile marketing examples in 2020 too.

Mobile Marketing Platforms Gartner

Looking for a mobile marketing company to partner with can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. A popular resource that organizations can assess business software is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. The Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms 2020, looks at mobile marketing platforms in great detail and assesses how they are challenging markets, leading sectors, catering to niches, or providing visionary innovation. The Gartner Mobile Marketing Platforms 2020 magic quadrant looks at numerous SaaS companies, so you have to be the best of the best to end up on the Gartner Magic Quadrant Mobile Marketing Platforms 2020 list. Many marketers rely on the Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms PDF to select a software company to help engage with their customers on mobile. You can see which companies were selected for the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 Mobile Marketing list here.  But a mobile marketing platforms Gartner review isn’t the only thing they have on their website. Lumavate was included in six research notes by Gartner regarding PWA platforms to consider.

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Companies 

Because of the surge in popularity with mobile, it’s next to impossible to narrow down the list of top 10 mobile marketing companies in America, let alone the top 10 mobile marketing companies in world. There are numerous free mobile marketing tools you can choose from, so you’ll need to do your homework before you decide to invest in a mobile marketing agency. Some mobile app marketing agencies include PreApps, AppsFlyer, Swrve, Airship Marketing Automation, Moburst, and Inapptics, although they had to make the difficult decision to shut down in 2019. Yodel Mobile is another mobile app marketing agency. Some of the main services Yodel Mobile offers are an app launch program, app store optimization, an app launch strategy, and paid user acquisition. Another option you have if you are budget-conscious is looking at an Indian marketing app agency. Typically, partnering with a mobile marketing agency in India will cost you less than partnering with an app marketing agency UK. 

But with Lumavate, you can actually create an account for free, which makes it the best mobile app marketing agencies in the world. Once you start your free account on the Lumavate platform, you can get started immediately. And because Lumavate is a no code platform, you could build your mobile app in a matter of hours. One of our employees built her first Lumavate app in a couple of hours in the back seat of her car. With no code app platforms, you can choose to use one of Lumavate's Starter Kits. Whatever you choose, Lumavate is the best mobile marketing app company for your business. Check outone of our case studies spotlighting a pump manufacturer, Warren Rupp, to see why partnering with Lumavate was the perfect solution to engage with their customers. Partnering with Lumavate has helped Warren Rupp elevate their customer experience to the next level. 


Maybe you are still searching for companies that use mobile marketing. Let’s explore the SaaS-based customer lifecycle management and mobile marketing company, Clevertap. If you want to know more about the Clevertap culture, a good spot to start looking at is the Clevertap Glassdoor account. Many former and current employees will use Glassdoor to post helpful information when looking at various companies to either work for or partner with. But maybe you’re looking for more information other than the Clevertap culture. Let’s say you want to research the Clevertap CEO, Clevertap revenue, or even Clevertap funding. You may not be able to retrieve all of the information you want, but LinkedIn would be a good starting point. But you don’t have to waste your time Looking at Clevertap Crunchbase articles. There’s a better company that does mobile marketing. It’s Lumavate! Lumavate is the leading no code platform for marketers. Not only is Lumavate the preferred mobile marketing company by numerous marketers all over the world, but Lumavate also has plenty of mobile marketing resources to help guide you and your team to execute the best mobile marketing strategy possible. Start a free account today on the Lumavate platform. And be sure to check out our blog for hundreds of mobile marketing-related articles to help you engage with your customers better on mobile. 

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