The Perfect Mobile Solution for the Customer Obsessed

Case Study

When pump manufacturer Warren Rupp was deciding on a company to partner with for their business-critical app, they turned to their parent company, IDEX’s, core value to guide them: customer obsession. Their goal was to find a technology that would provide the most seamless experience for their customers, and when Marketing Manager Michelle Miller heard about Lumavate’s platform for building mobile apps and how they’re delivered as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), she knew that providing anything less wouldn’t be living up to their company’s customer-focused values.

Michelle’s team inherited Warren Rupp’s existing native app–an app that enabled distributors to view pump information and documentation, reorder parts, and contact the team for support–and immediately, Michelle noticed a few things: First, the app was outdated and not providing the same user experience for both Apple and Android users. Second, the original developers had undergone business model changes, which meant it was hard to make updates and enhancements to the existing app. So when Michelle was tasked with finding a new company to partner with to rethink their mobile strategy, she had a few early requirements, such as ensuring that the app was functional on all devices and would provide a seamless customer experience.

Warren Rupp iphone screen

“For us, it was about trying to find a technology that would provide the most seamless experience for our customers, so that means not having to download and update through the app store, that means taking up less space on their phones–and also for us from an efficiency standpoint, not having to push updates through Apple when we have changes and updated content.”

– Michelle Miller, Marketing Manager

warren rupp computer

“The biggest thing for us with Lumavate is scalability. There’s a ton of value in knowing that in the future, there are ways that we can add technologies and features and functionality that will further empower and enable our end users.”

– Michelle Miller, Marketing Manager

Working With the Team

With the combined power and convenience of PWAs as well as the opportunity for scalability, Michelle knew Lumavate was the solution for Warren Rupp well before the project kicked off. But once she began working closely with the Lumavate team, she realized that their relationship was going to be equally as valuable as the technology they were providing. Being her first mobile project, she was unclear of the process, but she quickly found that the Lumavate team exceeded her expectations in not only the end result of the app itself, but also in timeliness, expertise, and guidance throughout the process. The Lumavate team’s mobile expertise became an integral part of planning Warren Rupp’s mobile strategy, and the flexibility of the platform allows for additional integrations into Warren Rupp’s overall 2020 digital strategy.

With plans to continue scaling their mobile strategy with Lumavate and early wins already in place, the Warren Rupp team is excited to see their Lumavate-powered app continue to differentiate them from competitors, provide a seamless experience for their distributors, and increase customer lifetime value.

“I’ve been calling 2019 our ‘foundational year’ at Warren Rupp, and I feel like what we’ve built with Lumavate is a great foundation to build on. It works well now, and it fulfills all of the things we wanted it to do, but I’m excited about that scalability piece and how we can continue to add onto it. I’m excited to continue to build our mobile strategy with Lumavate.”

– Michelle Miller, Marketing Manager