Before you market your company, creating a strategy beforehand is key. Read more to learn about the steps to creating a thorough marketing strategy.

How to Plan your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Maybe you’re planning for next year with your team. Or maybe you’ve had to pivot your entire way of thinking this year. Or maybe you’ve embraced the digital revolution we’re experiencing and need to integrate new technology into your marketing tech stack. Either way, every marketer has to create a marketing strategy at some point in their career. If you’re a marketer early on in their career, you’ve probably searched for a “marketing strategy pdf” in Google. But forget searching for “articles on marketing strategy pdf”, let’s go over everything you need to know about creating a marketing strategy plan.

Let’s cover some basic marketing strategy terms to get us started. First up is MarTech. If you’re unfamiliar with the word MarTech, you can get a clearer picture of who would use marketing technology in this types of marketing strategies pdf. MarTech is essentially the technology used by marketing. Many marketers have incorporated low code platforms into the types of marketing strategy goals for 2020. This is because many marketers have had to throw away the goals they’ve listed in their marketing strategy pdf they’ve sent to the senior leaders at their companies due to COVID-19. But if you are an innovative marketer, then you’ve likely had low code platforms on your horizon for quite sometime now. In fact, it may have even been in the marketing planning process meeting you had this year! One of the benefits to low code platforms is the reusability of foundational blocks which means you can use these prebuilt blocks to use across multiple apps, so any member of your team could be involved in the app making process regardless if they have coding experience.

And no matter what industry you’re in, you can benefit from a low code platform. Let’s say you’re in the food and beverage industry. Consumers are looking for experiences these days. In your next marketing strategy and planning meeting, bring up low code platforms! You don’t have to read in a product marketing strategy pdf what the benefits of creating mobile apps for your brand are. By creating an augmented reality experience or a QR code consumers can scan to get more information or recipes from your brand, you could increase brand awareness and revenue for your brand. Cheers to that!

Marketing Plan Steps

During your marketing strategy meeting, mobile will likely come up. Why? That’s because consumers are glued to their mobile phones. Seriously. We spend close to four hours a day on our mobile devices. So your team will inevitably bring up how to incorporate mobile during these marketing plan steps. But don’t start to get overwhelmed on how to write a marketing strategy outline that involves mobile! We know there’s a lot to cover when it comes to a mobile strategy. That’s why we wrote a guide to mobile elements of marketing strategy pdf. The first thing to know from this guide? Understanding the steps in a marketing planning process, especially with mobile, shouldn’t be set in stone. Why is everything fluid, you might ask? Well that’s because consumer behavior is constantly evolving! Just look at the consumer behavior trends we saw in 2020. Everything is being bought at home through mobile devices now. You’ll also learn how to create a digital marketing strategy guide and the ins and outs of various ways to connect with consumers on mobile. You’ll learn about how to mix the physical world with digital worlds with augmented reality (AR).  We even cover how to run a successful SMS campaign and what you need to know about the benefits of SMS messaging.

Lastly, you’ll discover the marketing strategy steps you need to take -  creating a mobile app. With Lumavate, marketers can create mobile apps in just a matter of hours. And the best part is you can create mobile apps without knowing a line of code. Yes, you heard me right! Our low code platform makes it super easy for anyone to build an app.

Marketing Strategy Example

Ready to dip your feet in some successful marketing strategies examples? At Lumavate, we love talking about all things mobile, so let’s talk about a marketing strategy example that you can implement in your organization. Warren Rupp needed to find a technology that would provide the most seamless experience for their customers, so they turned to Lumavate to achieve this goal. And an added bonus of working with Lumavate is that every app created with the Lumavate platform is a PWA, meaning users don’t have to download your app from the app store.

But you don’t have to be a big enterprise company to read this marketing strategy examples pdf. We’ve got plenty of marketing strategy examples for small business teams. When our VP of Sales and Marketing sat down with G2’s Yoni Solomon to discuss all things mobile marketing on Mobile Matters, they discussed how powerful small teams can be with enough determination. Low code platforms enable small business teams to create mobile apps fast. WIth low code platforms, you don’t have to wait around for the IT department to build an app. You can take matters into your own hands.

Still hungry for another simple marketing plan example? Check in with our blog regularly. We’ve written about the success of mobile marketing in retail, how CPG companies can implement mobile marketing strategies, as well as how healthcare can use mobile marketing. The list is truly endless. And if you’re interested in seeing who our mobile brand crush is, be sure to watch this video. Spoiler alert, this brand is the king of mobile.

Types of Marketing Campaigns

What is marketing and types of marketing? This is a common question that many marketing students get asked on their first day of classes. Marketing is a wide gamut of things that can include various marketing and advertising strategies. Besides digital marketing, the other main types of marketing include social media marketing and content marketing. Social media marketing is promoting your brand through various social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Paid ads on these social channels are popular types of marketing campaigns. Content marketing entails writing various types of marketing media, such as eBooks and blogs for your brand to position itself as a thought leader. With content marketing, it’s also important to keep up with a regular posting schedule, even if your organization has a small marketing team. But we would be here all day if we covered all things marketing. Check out this types of marketing ppt we created for marketers who want to incorporate mobile in their marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We’re in the midst of a digital revolution. Technology has evolved a lot in the last few years. Consumers are addicted to mobile. We spend close to four hours on our mobile devices every day. Because of this reliance on mobile, the lines between marketing and digital marketing have become blurred. What is digital marketing anyways? Some say that the new digital marketing strategy has become focused on engaging with consumers on mobile. Some types of digital marketing assets include eBooks, infographics, blogs, etc. If you need a digital marketing strategy example PDF, check out our guide, Mobile for Every Generation. Something you may not find in a digital marketing strategy ppt is that mobile is not a channel, rather it encompases different types of digital marketing channels, including email, video, voice, SMS campaigns, etc. One of our favorite digital marketing examples is what Burger King is doing with their native mobile app. They create engaging incentives for users to engage with their mobile app...because after all the goal of digital marketing isn’t to increase app downloads!

Lumavate has a digital marketing strategy book, Mobile Masterclass. In this digital marketing strategy framework book, we cover best practices from top marketing and tech leaders around the world. After you read this guide, you won’t need to look up a digital marketing strategy template 2019. When you are writing your digital marketing strategy for this year, maybe you’re using the Hubspot marketing strategy template, be sure to include Lumavate in your plans. With Lumavate’s low code platform, you can build apps as quickly as your business needs, all while avoiding using code.

Include Lumavate in Your Marketing Plan

In case you’ve read this guide to developing a marketing plan and still need a little help, you can always get a little help from a marketing strategy template. When you download a marketing plan template pdf from Google, you can get a clearer picture of some goals you need to include in your plan as well as a timeline for these goals. If you need to download a marketing strategy template ppt, Canva is a free place to start looking. But even if you’re not looking for a marketing plan sample pdf, it’s important to keep Lumavate in mind as one of your marketing goals. Lumavate helps marketers reach their business goals by enabling marketers to create apps fast. If increased revenue is in your marketing strategy plan template, you’re going to want to include Lumavate in your plans for this year. And if you want to hear from top marketing and tech leaders at some of the top companies in the world, check out Lumavate’s podcast, Mobile Matters. Mobile Matters hosts a variety of different topics that listeners can take best practices from, such as everything you need to know about SMS compliance, how to find a work life balance, and the origin story of PWAs.

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