Product Marketing and Building a Go-to Market Strategy

Episode #050: Yoni Solomon, Go-to Market Head, G2

Product marketing lives at the intersection of Product, Sales, and Marketing, and nobody knows that better than G2’s Yoni Solomon. He’s got years of product marketing experience under his belt, and was brought in at G2 about eight months ago to build up their product marketing strategy from the ground up. That’s why I’m so excited to share our conversation today! Because he’s got great insights from each of the different organizations he’s been a part of–all of which had very different product marketing strategies and structures!

Key Takeaways

  1. No two product marketers are the same. And they shouldn’t be! Because every product and business’ goals are different. There is so much that goes into product marketing, and–Yoni says it best–it’s so much more than writing one-pagers. 
  2. Tracking from “closed won” to product enablement is key. You need a full-picture view of your customer journey in order to really see if your product marketing strategy is effective or not. 
  3. Ultimately, if your product marketing goals don’t align with the sales goals, it’s all for nothing.

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