Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web

Episode #011: Alex Russell, Senior Staff Engineer at Google

Have you heard of a Progressive Web App (PWA)? If not, then it’s time to get seriously educated because they’re fundamentally changing mobile web and have been around for more than three years now. Think of a PWA as an installable web app that brings together what you love about a native mobile app and delivers it on the web. They’re supported by all of the major tech players (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Mozilla, etc.) and major consumer brands (Starbucks, Pinterest, Spotify, etc.) have already taken advantage of PWAs and seen phenomenal results. In our eleventh episode of Mobile Matters, we talk with Alex Russell at Google about what exactly is a PWA, what are its technical requirements, how the idea for PWAs got started, and what it means that major tech players have adopted PWAs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are fundamentally changing mobile web.
  2. While Google may have first introduced the concept of PWAs to the world in 2015, the initial concept for PWAs goes back to 2012 and conversations between Alex Russell and multiple people on how to better incorporate what we love about native mobile apps with the web. And, he’s sharing all of the details of how PWAs got started and their name.
  3. PWAs have been adopted by all of the major tech players (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Samsung, etc.) and countless major brands (Starbucks, Pinterest, Spotify, etc.) are seeing phenomenal results with their PWAs.

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