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How to Create an App?

Are you looking for a simple answer to ‘how to create an app’? It can seem daunting at the beginning of the journey not knowing what type of app to build, what quality of app you can get with your budget, or just how to create a mobile app. This article will help provide you with information on how to create an app and make money, best applications out there, and more!

There are many app builders out there from free, to budget friendly, to specific types of apps. Let’s start with a high overview of the types of apps and then we will dive into the app builder that can be used to build the different types of apps. The three main app types are the following; native apps, web apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Here is a quick overview of the three types of apps.

  • Native Apps - Native apps are the standard when it comes to building apps, but the tide is starting to change rapidly. When native apps are built, they can only be used on the operating system they’re built for. For example, if you google how to create an app for iPhone you will be sent to mostly native app building sites. A common list of native apps includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Web Apps - A web app is viewed through a browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. It adjusts regarding whether it’s being viewed on a desktop platform or a mobile platform. Only a single web app needs to be managed and maintained. Meanwhile, a native app is an app that is produced for iOS, Android, or another operating system. It is separate from a web app and requires that multiple apps be maintained.
  • PWAs - A Progressive Web App is an app that utilizes web capabilities to create an outstanding web experience. These apps function just like normal apps, but they use websites for data storage and functionality, instead of the storage on your mobile device. (The best of both native and web apps.) That being said, compared with websites and native apps, PWAs are much more beneficial.

If you are still trying to figure out which type is best for you check out our mobile champion resource to view in depth how they differentiate between one another. This article will review some of the best app builders speaking to their strengths and weaknesses.

Easy Mobile App Development Software

Work can be busy and sometimes seems like finding a way to build an app that doesn’t take months or years is non-existent. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to take months or years to build an app. Lumavate can help you build out a quality and budget friendly app within weeks if not days. We also scale with your business. It is important to find an easy mobile app development software that will give you a quality app your team is proud of but can be quick to the market.

If you’ve done a google search for app development software for beginners to help get the ball rolling, you’ve probably seen app builders that offer to build you an app for big bucks or app development software for beginners free. It’s important to know your budget and the type of app making software you want to invest in. There are all types of mobile app tools to use but some of the best mobile app development tools also will make your job of building an app easy. Look at the no-code Progressive Web App platform Lumavate offers. It is a no-code app building platform that allows marketers to take an app idea design and build it out in a matter of days. No code PWAs have become one of the best technologies for mobile app development for markets to use. It allows you to build out an app that can be used at an enterprise level without any coding or dev team required! Now, let’s review some of the different app builders out there and how they differ from one another.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an integrated development environment for the Android operating system. This was designed to be the platform for Android software development. This environment is meant to replace the Eclipse Android development tools and is known for being the android app development software for developers.

Given that Android is a popular operating system, many companies offer solutions for building Android apps. But given how these app developers might charge you over $20,000 to build an app, it’s important to do your research on the best solution for your app-building needs. I’d like to argue that the best android app development software is a software that allows you to build one app that works across platforms so there is no need to create the same app multiple times to fit different operating systems. No more googling how to create an app for android but start googling how to build an app that works across all operating systems, like progressive web apps.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no code app development platform. Finding the best free app builder without coding is your way to make a quality app with a short time to market. If you are wondering how to develop an app for beginners this could be an option. With Appy Pie app building software, users have the ability to build apps, websites, chatbots, and create designs for their brand all without coding. Appy Pie’s platform also offers website to app for free. Although Appy Pie has a free mobile app development software plan their pricing also ranges from a basic to a platinum plan, and the platinum plan is the only plan that will allow users to design for both Android and iOS operating systems. If you are unsure if Appy Pie is a good fit for you and your brand, looking at an Appy Pie review is a great way to learn about the experience of other customers. Now, if you are interested in coding your app PhoneGap might be worth looking into.

Is PhoneGap a Quick App Builder?

It’s important when looking at different types of app builders to compare them to one another and go with the option that best fits your needs. PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is owned by Adobe Systems and is a free web app builder that is an open source mobile app builder. Phone Gap allows app developers to create apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you don’t like the idea of coding and want something that will bring your team a quality app but at a much faster speed than coding, make sure to look at no code app builders like Appery and Lumavate that are some of the best technology from mobile app development

Mobile app development doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, require an entire development team to build, or have to take months to get it up and running. Remember though that mobile app development tools free may sound intriguing to sign up for but you should be very cautious which app creator software free download you go with. That’s because even the best free app builder can lead to many developmental issues such as decreased security, less features, no scalability, etc. There are some free app builder accounts, like Lumavate, that are created for users to test out the platform and even publish a free app but be capable of scaling the app with an organization. Lumavate has helped countless clients build and push out apps in a matter of weeks to be used at enterprise level organizations.

Mobile Roadie

If you are set on needing to have a native app that just sits in the app store, there are also app builders out there that can help create native apps specific to an operating system such as Mobile Roadie. Mobile Roadie apk is a custom app development service. Mobile Roadie pricing can get pretty pricey depending on what it is you need to build. You can find Mobile Roadie reviews on TechRadar and other websites to know if it’s a first for your native app journey. Before you jump into the native app world, make sure you look into progressive web apps. Take a listen to the Mobile Matters podcast episode where Stephanie Cox, VP of Marketing and Sales at Lumavate, and Alex Russell, Senior Staff Engineer at Google, discuss Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web. If PWAs peak your interest make sure to check out Lumavate’s no code PWA platform before you make the jump into Mobile Roadie sign up and Mobile Roadie tutorials!

Why Lumavate as Your Next App Building Software

Now that we’ve done a round up of some of the best free app builders, let’s focus on the one that stands out as the most budget friendly, quality free app development software around, Lumavate. Lumavate is the leading no code PWA builder and best app builder 2019! Lumavate allows marketers to be agile in the app development space by having the ability to create no code progressive web apps within days with our user friendly mobile app builder. This platform is perfect for beginners because they can use the library of components, widgets, and microservices to build their first app. Lumavate also offers a free account to start your app journey and test out the platform. You can share your app with the free app development software and Lumavate has tutorials and live training to show you how to create an app from scratch. You can find training on how to create an app without coding to How to Build a Killer Home Page and much more. With Lumavate being one of the best free app builders without coding, your team is also able to update and edit the application at their own pace. No more waiting on developers to have time to update your app.

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