Enabling Progressive Web App Delivery at Scale

Embracing Open Development Standards for Increased Productivity

Putting the Control in Your Hands

Your team likely has numerous priorities and is always looking for opportunities to ensure you have effective control over your systems while also reducing your delivery timelines for the business. With Lumavate, you have full control over everything in the Command Center enabling you to manage access, distribute microservices, widgets, and components, manage versioning, and more. Then, you can provide your developers or business users with access to the Lumavate Studio to use to build, test, and publish their PWAs using the resources you pushed to them via the Command Center. It's truly the best of both worlds, because we allow you to have the management control your business needs while also opening up the ability for more users in the organization to build and modify at the speed they need.

Create and manage Lumavate Studio instances

Distribute microservices, widgets, and components to Studios

Manage microservice, widget, and component versioning

Utilize the Command Line Interface to easily upload microservices, widgets, and components

Ready to accelerate your app delivery? We can’t wait to see what you build.