Make Rebate Submissions Easy

A rebate tied to a new product purchase can be a compelling reason for customers to purchase your product. This means that the rebate submission process is often one of the first interactions your customer has with your brand post-purchase and a clunky rebate submission process can quickly create a negative impression. You need to have the ability to create an easy rebate submission process for customers that feeds directly into your system of record.

Rebate Submission Template Functionality

Our Rebate Submission Template makes it simple for your customers to send in the product rebate and have the data sent automatically to your system of record. This template includes the following functionality:

Capture Zero-party Data

Collect valuable information from your customers so you can communicate directly with them and personalize their experiences with your brand.

Customize the Data Captured

Easily personalize the fields on your form to capture key information from your customers.

Integrate to Your Tech Stack

Send rebate submission data directly into your existing system of record.

Collect Email and Mobile Opt-ins

Allow your customers to opt-in to email and mobile messages from your brand.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions by your customers.

Try Our Rebate Submission Template

Streamline the Rebate Submission Process

Using our Rebate Submission Template, you can make it extremely easy for your customers to submit their product rebates. This Template can be a standalone digital experience or incorporated into any other digital experience. Most customers can create and launch a product registration digital experience in less than 10 minutes using this Template.

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