Top 4 Templates for Channel Marketers at Manufacturing Companies

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by Nick Brems | Last Updated: Mar 24, 2023

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to selling your product through a retail or dealer network. Within the manufacturing industry competition is fierce. Channel marketers must find creative ways to attract customers, while also building strong partnerships with retailers and distributors.

Utilize Lumavate’s Templates to help retain your customers and tackle marketing challenges your organization faces.

Solutions for Diminishing Shelf Space and In-Aisle Marketing

B2B2C brands are always jockeying to secure more shelf space and edge out the competition. Adding shelf talkers or floor graphics can be ways to stand out - if your channel partner allows them. Channel partners with clean store policies mean you are limited to marketing campaigns that center around your product packaging. 

A good way to get around clean store policies is by adding a QR code on your packaging. Customers will interact with your product before they even take it off the shelf. In fact, the number of people who interacted with QR codes in the US increased by 26 percent from 2020 to 2022. The customer wants to know what they are buying, so it makes sense to get them acquainted with your product before they even buy it.

Drive Sales with Rebates and Product Onboarding

Consumers are increasingly shopping online. In the fourth quarter of 2022, 14.5 percent of total retail sales were e-commerce, while the rest were from brick-and-mortar retail stores. Today, in-aisle shopping encompasses the physical in-store and virtual online experiences. Marketers can adapt and win with digital experiences that create a seamless customer experience.

While your competitors may make the rebate redemption process purposefully cumbersome, you can edge out the competition by offering an online rebate submission process. The Rebate Submission Template is a win-win for manufacturers and consumers. Consumers will like the easy-to-complete form, while manufacturers will benefit from collecting more zero-party customer data. With this template, you can collect valuable information from your customers so you can communicate directly with them and personalize their experiences with your brand.

A pricey purchase comes after much consideration. Consumers (obviously) must be confident the product will meet their needs. One of their first needs is to ensure they can successfully start using the product. By providing your customers with accurate (read: up-to-date and model-specific) assembly instructions, you’re going to delight them. No one enjoys printed guides as they are out of date and limited. Our Product Onboarding Template pairs step-by-step installation instructions with easy-to-follow instructions with images or GIFs. And since it’s digital, customers can connect with your support team via email, phone, or live chat.

Upon purchasing your product, the customer can open your product onboarding digital experience. From there the customer can learn more about the product they purchased, view how-to videos and read installation instructions. You can also link your rebate submission digital experience to product onboarding, giving the customer the option to submit their rebate after their product onboarding process.

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Amplify a New Product Launch

Misaligned goals between channel partners and brands can lead to missed opportunities. It’s likely one of your channel partners may not care about your brand’s latest product; at least not enough to give it the high-traffic-endcap-treatment you were angling for. So what’s a channel marketer to do? Reach across the channel partner and directly engage with your end consumer.

With the Product Launch Template brands can provide promotional offers, exclusive content, and capture zero-party data. 

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Improve Dealer Relationships

Strong dealer relationships translate to brand-loyal consumers. When your brand and dealers are aligned on goals and both focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience, then everyone wins. The consumer is happy with their purchase experience at the dealer and satisfied with the product (i.e. your brand).

It is important for dealers and distributors to openly communicate with the manufacturer to improve the customer experience. The Dealer Communications template is an excellent way for brands to communicate with their dealers through a secure portal. Through this digital experience brands can provide sales enablement, ensure all educational material and contact information is accurate, and provide dealers with a trusted source of information.

Using our Dealer Communications Template, you can ensure your dealer employees stay informed with a personalized digital experience that shares relevant product news, updates, offers, and more. Most companies can provide this customized dealer experience for only pennies a day per dealer. For more information on how dealer communications can help your business, book a meeting with a Lumavate rep today.

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