Ensure Your Dealers Stay Informed

Your dealer network is a key sales channel for your business and needs to stay up-to-date on all of your product news, supply chain issues, and more. While you’re likely already communicating with your dealers via email, it’s highly probable that your dealers aren't actually reading any of it. They get flooded with emails from their own company, customers, and all of the other brands they sell at their dealerships. Your communications have to stand out if you want them to be read. The best way to do that is with a personalized communications experience that provides each dealer with content relevant to their dealership and the products they sell.

Dealer Communications Template Functionality

Using our Dealer Communications Template, you can quickly create and easily manage a highly-personalized digital experience for every dealer employee. This template includes the following functionality:

Personalized News Feed

Create content categories to align to dealer roles, interests, product offerings, etc. to ensure dealers only see the content relevant to them. Employees can subscribe to categories relevant to their role, location, etc.

Engage With Your Dealers

Allow dealers to like, comment, and share posts to drive real-time conversations on key content.

Manage Authors

Empower an unlimited number of authors to create and submit content for your dealer network that is reviewed and approved prior to release.

Send SMS Alerts

Send real-time or scheduled texts to your dealers about relevant and critical updates.

Access to Analytics

Learn how dealers engage with your content to drive increased engagement.

Authenticate Users

Secure your dealer communications content by integrating with your existing SSO or email authentication.

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Using our Dealer Communications Template, you can ensure your dealer employees stay informed with a personalized digital experience that shares relevant product news, updates, offers, and more. Most companies can provide this customized dealer experience for only pennies a day per dealer.

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