The Benefits of an Omnichannel Strategy for Your Brand and Customers

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by Erin Zwirn | Last Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Marketers know that creating a digital marketing experience that connects to consumers is much an art as a science. Marketers must get creative, imaginative, and test different ways to engage and build brand loyalty. As digital marketers explore and invest in new strategies to drive the proper engagement for their customer base, the dilemma for many is whether they should consider an omnichannel strategy over a multichannel.  The simple answer is yes. But it's often not an easy switch – with multichannel, there are so many various customer touchpoints that primarily operate in silos.   Sometimes that yes is easier said than implemented. Marketers know what they are against; consumers want an “Amazon-like” experience when shopping and interacting with brands. They expect a seamless journey, around-the-clock customer service, and personalized communication with every interaction. Brands that fail to meet these expectations will most likely get left behind. Every good marketer knows another brand in the same category is next on the shelf, or a page click away for the customer. It’s essential for this, as the upcoming holiday season points to inflationary pressure that might impact consumers’ spending plans and, as a result, brand loyalty.  In many ways, the economic climate will challenge marketers to take an always-on approach to omnichannel adoption. A recent Gartner Marketing Survey finds that almost one-third of consumers plan to spend less this holiday season. The top concern for consumers is inflation, pushing 48 percent to shop early and 16 percent to shop year-round.  Seamless Omnichannel Approaches  When jumpstarting an omnichannel strategy, it's essential to create one that differentiates from many competing brands. At the core of any omnichannel strategy, the focus is on interconnecting your brand’s consumer touchpoints, such as social, website, mobile, and even brick-and-mortar shops. It helps customers seamlessly switch between these channels, which frequently happens throughout the customer journey.  Tips for Creating an Omnichannel Strategy Learn how Lumavate helps marketers solve their business challenges, including creating omnichannel experiences for every moment in your customer journey.

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