Leverage Your Data

Easily connect your data no matter where you store it. We make it simple for you to integrate with your data stack such as Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo, and more plus give you the option to use ours or a combination.

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Goodbye Data Silos, Hello Unified Experience

You’ve made an investment in your existing data tech stack and we make it simple for you to bring those systems together into digital experiences that incorporate data in a wide variety of ways. Whether you need to collect, edit, or display data, we’ve got you covered and even make it possible to use multiple data sources on a single page of a digital experience.

Connect to Your Existing Data Systems

Whether it’s one data system of record or multiple ones, we make it easy to collect, edit, and display your data.

Use Lumavate Data

Collect, edit, and display data stored in Table Builder in your Studio, a seamless and secure alternative to your existing data system.

Unlimited Opportunities to Use Your Data

With Lumavate, you can pull data from various sources into a single digital experience, AND push data collected to your system of record.

Collect Contact Information

Quickly build forms to collect lead, event, or product registrations in any digital experience and have it immediately send the data to your system of record.

Update Profiles

Enable your customers, partners, or employees to easily update their profile information and preferences so you always have the most up-to-date record.

Front-end for Your CRM

Create your own customized experience that your employees or partners can use to collect and edit data without any limitations on design and functionality.

Real-time Dashboards

Create graphs and tables that display your data from one or more systems.

Edit Existing Data

Access previously collected data and easily make updates to the data in real-time.

Improve Employee Productivity

Digitize your existing processes and remove any unnecessary clicks by creating a tailored solution for the work your employees need to accomplish.

Grow Partner Sales

Provide your partners with a personalized and secure portal to accelerate their sales efforts and strengthen your relationship.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Use your data in one or more systems to personalize the digital experiences for your customers, partners, and employees.

Better Together: Power of Lumavate + Data Integrations

We strongly believe that we’re all better when tech works together. That’s why we’ve chosen to integrate with some of the best data solutions available today including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and more. We’re constantly growing our list of integrations so you can always use your data, no matter where it’s stored, in any digital experience you want to create using Lumavate.

Digital Experiences for Every Moment

Create digital experiences for every touchpoint in the customer journey from product packaging to product registration to onboarding to customer support and so much more. What do you want to create first?