10 Examples of Digital Experiences

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022

It is no longer sufficient to have a website and claim your organization has a digital strategy. 

Consumers are visiting multiple channels on multiple devices. In order to meet consumers where they’re at,  marketers need a different way to connect with consumers - and digital experiences offer just that.

What Is a Digital Experience?

According to IBM, a digital experience is, “Digital experience refers to an interaction between a customer and a company that happens because of digital technologies.”

These digital interactions can look different depending on the audience, industry, or even business goal.  Here are a few different digital experience types brands can create using a digital experience platform (DXP): 

Why Would You Want to Build a Digital Experience? 

It’s no secret that traditional marketing channels are broken. Consumers are inundated with as many as 10,000 ads a day. In addition to noisy channels, the number of options consumers have when purchasing a product is endless, both in-store and online. 

Marketers can keep up with ever-changing consumer behavior by creating digital experiences themselves (instead of relying on third-party or internal development resources) in order to engage with customers throughout the customer journey. Digital experiences can be highly personalized which in return creates life-long customers for a brand. 

Digital experiences also offer organizations the ability to collect zero-party data about their customers so brands can have a holistic understanding of who their customer is, what they are purchasing, their shopping behavior, and so much more. 

 10 Examples of Digital Experiences  

Here are ten common examples of digital experiences a brand can create to engage with customers at every moment in the customer journey. 

The last thing customers want to do is spend hours finding a repair technician or on the phone with customer support when encountering an issue with their product. They need answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.  Provide your customers with easy access to product information with a quick scan of a QR code directly on your product. 

The importance of first impressions and product adoption cannot be overstated. To top it off, 86 percent of customers indicated they would remain loyal to a brand that offers a product onboarding experience. You can ensure your customers have an exceptional first-time experience with your product by providing them with step-by-step instructions for using their new product with a product onboarding digital experience 

Let’s be honest, consumers aren’t submitting warranty registrations due to their perceived lack of value. Make the process simpler for your customers by creating a warranty registration digital experience that removes the obstacles associated with traditional methods.  Customers can submit warranty registration information directly into your system of record, collect additional zero-party data, and more.

Messaging remains the top channel for marketers to communicate with their customers due to average open rates of 98 percent. With a mobile messaging digital experience, your customers can easily opt-in to receive text messages from your company. 

Trade shows are starting to ramp up as many organizations’ marketing strategies rely on these events to generate leads and brand awareness. Event marketers can create a digital experience to connect a physical trade show booth with an interactive element and provide attendees with product-specific content, videos, and more.

When presented with a rebate offer, 75 percent of customers are more likely to purchase that product. Yet the majority of consumers don’t due to cumbersome and difficult rebate submission processes. Enable your customers to send in their rebate submission for their new product and have this information sent directly into your system of record with a rebate submission digital experience. 

According to Salesforce, 25  percent of shoppers have scanned a QR code to learn more about a product in-store. This indicates consumers are eager to engage with a brand in-aisle in order to learn more about a product. Amplify your next product launch with a digital experience that highlights the new product and provides exclusive content.

More than 70 percent of marketers are using ABM as a part of their marketing strategy, which means your organization will need to do something in order to stand out. Make a lasting first impression on your target accounts by sending a highly-personalized experience specific to their company and how you can help their business.

Every marketing campaign launched must have a corresponding digital element to truly amplify your campaign efforts and drive stronger results. By using a marketing campaign digital experience, you can generate more conversations, brand engagement, and increased revenue. 

To truly capture the attention of consumers, marketers need to innovate by harnessing the power of digital to drive revenue for their brand. Increase your product sales in-store by combining your shopper campaign with a digital element.

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