Create New Opportunities For Your Business with Lumavate + Salesforce

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Your business relies on your CRM. We’ve made it easy to connect Lumavate to your Salesforce account with our newest release. Meet the Power of Lumavate + Salesforce Having a single source of truth is essential for your organization. But things like inconsistent data and untrained users can lead to data inconsistencies within your CRM - until now. We’re thrilled to introduce our integration to Salesforce. With this easy-to-use front-end for Salesforce, users will be able to:  Create New Opportunities for Your Business With Lumavate and Salesforce, more teams within your organization will be empowered to make meaningful connections with prospects. There are hundreds of use cases for how this integration can be used, including:   How it Works Connecting your Salesforce account to Lumavate is easy and only takes a few minutes. Once the integration is connected, you can create a Form in Lumavate connected to Salesforce, add it to your digital experience, and collect valuable information from prospects.  Let’s say your sales team was attending an upcoming trade show. You’ll want the team to collect some information about the event’s attendees. You can easily create one connected Salesforce Form with fields such as name, email address, phone number, company, etc., and use it in multiple digital experiences.   Then, you can add the Form to the specific digital experience you’ve created for the trade show and stylize the Form to match its branding. You can create a digital experience per event, use the same Form, and style the Form to the specific use case.  That’s the power of Lumavate and Salesforce. To see how you can connect your Salesforce account to Lumavate, learn more here

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