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Mobile app builder platforms make it extremely simple to design applications. Many of them don’t require the user needing any coding experience making it perfect for beginners! Lumavate is a great example of mobile app development tools free that allow users to build apps on a free basic plan prior to investing in a paid subscription plan. If you are looking for a cost-effective and quality application maker when it comes to building apps, Lumavate can’t be beat! In fact, many people feel that Lumavate is the best app builder 2021 has to offer. From offering free mobile app development software, to teaching users how to create a mobile app, and even providing an extensive library jam-packed full of amazing tools and app-building elements, building the apps of your dreams is easy with Lumavate! You can start building your app for free with Lumavate today!

App Building Software

There is so much to learn when it comes to app building software and how to go about building your next app! Throughout this page you will learn about some of the best mobile app development tools and the best technology for mobile app development. Let’s first dive into some of the different types of app building software on the market today. There are three types of app builders you may come across as you are searching for how to make an app for beginners. You’ll see them range from open source, to low-code and there are even no-code platforms available! Let’s dive into each type to better understand the pros and cons to each.

Open source mobile app development software allows you to take advantage of code that already exists and modify it to your needs. So if you’re someone who knows enough code to be dangerous, you can take advantage of an open source WYSIWYG app builder to customize your app with open source software and get a feel of how your app will look like across any device or operating system. But this is not for those searching for how to create an app without coding. There are then low-code app building platforms.

Low code app development oftentimes brings together the speed and ease of use that no-code platforms are known for with the flexibility of bringing in your own code. Basically, it allows citizen developers to build apps with or without code. There are some free web app builders in all types of platforms but make sure you focus on the quality of the mobile app builder if you plan to use it for your organization. Lastly, there are no code app builders.

No code app builders can be known as some of the most user friendly and app development software for beginners. The best way to describe a no-code app builder platform is it doesn’t require ANY coding to actually build an app. This type can be the best mobile app development tool for any beginner wanting to build out an app or any experienced developer wanting to get a quality app built quickly. Lumavate is known as one of the best app builders 2019 due to it being a leading no code PWA app builder. Now let’s look at how you can find the right mobile app builder.

Finding the Best Mobile App Building Platform Around

Once your team has figured out the best mobile app software they are looking for it’s now time to find the best mobile app building platform around. We’ve already discussed the importance of knowing the difference between app making software but not let’s look into the different app building platforms and the types of apps you can build with them. Let’s look at the three main types of apps - native, web and progressive web apps (PWAs).

  • Native Apps - Native apps are the standard when it comes to building apps, but the tide is starting to change rapidly. When native apps are built, they can only be used on the operating system they’re built for. For example, if you google how to create an app for iPhone you will be sent to mostly native app building sites. A common list of native apps includes WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Web Apps - A web app is viewed through a browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. It adjusts regarding whether it’s being viewed on a desktop platform or a mobile platform. Only a single web app needs to be managed and maintained. Meanwhile, a native app is an app that is produced for iOS, Android, or another operating system. It is separate from a web app and requires that multiple apps be maintained.
  • PWAs - A Progressive Web App is an app that utilizes web capabilities to create an outstanding web experience. These apps function just like normal apps, but they use websites for data storage and functionality, instead of the storage on your mobile device. (The best of both native and web apps.) That being said, compared with websites and native apps, PWAs are much more beneficial.

The question then is which is which app type should you choose and what’s the best app making software for that kind of app.The answer - it depends. But as technology changes and improvements are made many companies are choosing to forgo the native app world and start spending money and time with interactive app builders creating PWAs. Lumavate is one of the leading no code PWA builders and one of the best app development software for beginners and experts. Lumavate allows marketers to be agile in the app development space by having the ability to create no code progressive web apps within days. This platform is perfect for beginners because they can use the library of components, widgets, and microservices to build their apps. Checkout the app builder pricing here for Lumavate!

Is There an Android App Builder?

Now you might be wondering, if I need an app specifically for Android is there an Android app builder that can help me build it? Wondering how to create an app for Android doesn’t have to be difficult and you don't have to go searching for the android app maker software offline. If you google android app development software, I’m sure you will find an endless amount of free app builders for android or native app builders for android but what about an app that can be built and used across any operating system? Building apps for a specific operating system is far gone thanks to the best app builders 2020 can provide with no code progressive web app builders like Lumavate. Maintaining native apps can be expensive and time consuming. Progressive Web Apps will not only save you money but also time and get your app out and into the market faster than any android app maker. If you need to get an idea out into the market before your competitor, check out Lumavate to get your idea implemented in days or weeks!

Is Appy Pie a Good Free App Builder?

This article has gone over the different types of free web app builders and what to look for in a mobile app builder. Let’s now look at what makes up the best free app builder.

There are a lot of free app development software companies out there that compete for the best free app builder 2019 or best free app builder 2018. There are Appy Pie reviews that would say they're a great free app builder for website to app free. Others may point to Buildfire or Phone Gap as some of the best free app builders. But there is one that stands out from all of them as the best free app builder without coding - Lumavate. Lumavate offers you all that you need from their basic free plan to their enterprise plans if you decide to upgrade. Upgrading isn’t scary, it just means Lumavate can scale with your company as one of the leading no-code mobile app builders. Lumavate is a platform that allows you to drag-and-drop widgets, components, and microservices in place to build your app without needing to code.

It may be your marketing team making decisions on what should be in the app and how it's marketed but there may be a time where developers or an IT team may need to jump in your app. The best DIY mobile app builders for marketing teams and developers who want to code to customize and build their app might be best looking at low-code or open source mobile app builders. Luckily, Lumavate also is a great platform for developers because we have open-source components that developers can customize and use any coding language to build! This is great to have in a free web app builder because it allows you the opportunity to customize your app even further with a little coding. Don’t get freaked out by the coding option. There is no need to code in Lumavate’s platform but it is an additional option.

Is PhoneGap A Quick App Builder?

It’s important when looking at different types of app builders to compare them to one another and go with the option that best fits your needs. PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is owned by Adobe Systems and is a free web app builder that is an open source mobile app builder. Phone Gap allows app developers to create apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you don’t like the idea of coding and want something that will bring your team a quality app but at a much faster speed than coding, make sure to look at no code app builders like Appery and Lumavate that are some of the best technology for mobile app development.

Mobile app development doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, require an entire development team to build, or have to take months to get it up and running. Many companies are actually spending less money on hiring developers and they’re signing up for open source mobile app development software! And with Lumavate, designing one simple app on our platform allows your app to work on both Android and iPhone operating systems! Remember though that mobile app development tools free may sound intriguing to sign up for but you should be very cautious which app creator software free download you go with. That’s because even the best free app builder can lead to many developmental issues such as decreased security, less features, no scalability, etc. There are some free app builder accounts, like Lumavate, that are created for users to test out the platform and even publish a free app but be capable of scaling the app with an organization. Lumavate has helped countless clients build and push out apps in a matter of weeks to be used at enterprise level organizations.

Zoho Creator Vs. Lumavate

So you’ve heard a little bit about Zoho Creator and wondering how it matches up to Lumavate. Let’s first take a look at what Zoho Creator is. Zoho Creator is a cloud software that allows you to build native apps with no code. Lumavate is similar in the sense that we are a no-code platform that allows you to build an app without any coding required! However, where we differ is building native apps. As we mentioned above, native apps do not work across operating systems and you have to build one for each operating system (hello wallet burner!). Lumavate does not build native mobile apps but helps you build one progressive web app that will work across any operating system and any device. It’s the solution to spending less on native mobile app building and also maintenance. You don’t have to worry about maintaining two apps and changes of operating systems with PWAs. Lumavate has a helpful resource to find your mobile champion to better understand if your next app should be native mobile app, mobile website, or PWA.

Mobile Roadie

If you are set on needing to have a native app that just sits in the app store, there are also app builders out there that can help create native apps specific to an operating system such as Mobile Roadie. Mobile Roadie apk is a custom app development service. Mobile Roadie pricing can get pretty pricey depending on what it is you need to build. You can find Mobile Roadie reviews on TechRadar and other websites to know if it’s a first for your native app journey. Before you jump into the native app world, make sure you look into progressive web apps. Take a listen to the Mobile Matters podcast episode where Stephanie Cox, VP of Marketing and Sales at Lumavate, and Alex Russell, Senior Staff Engineer at Google, discuss Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile Web. If PWAs peak your interest make sure to check out Lumavate’s no code PWA platform before you make the jump into Mobile Roadie sign up and Mobile Roadie tutorials!

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