Progressive Web Apps: The Future of Mobile

Leveraging powerful mobile technology to create incredible user experiences

We should get to a place where users have all the upsides of the web–it should be safer, faster, you should get an operating runtime, applications shouldn’t be massive. All those things should be continual benefits that the web delivers, but you shouldn’t have to give up all the nice things that you like about native apps to get there.

- Alex Russell, Google

Powerful Mobile Technology

Thanks to backend technical elements like service workers, web app manifests, app shells, and more PWAs provide a user experience that combines the best of the web and native mobile apps.

  • Integrates with native smartphone functionality 

  • Works on all form factors and operating systems

  • Installable to home screen

  • Works offline

  • Loads at lightning fast speeds

  • Searchable, which drives higher SEO ranking

  • Takes up a virtually no phone storage

  • Always served via HTTPS

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