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Best App Development Websites for Digital Experiences

How to Create an App

Gone are the days when creating an app for your business required years of extensive coding experience. These days, low code and no code solutions are everywhere - to the point where the process of how to make an app for beginners has literally never been easier.

If you search for terms like "how to create an app for iPhone free" or "how to make an Android app for beginners," you'll find countless hits. This is because apps are everywhere these days and businesses that don't have ones to call their own will soon find themselves left behind by their savvier competitors.

Much of this has contributed to a recent trend of organizations building apps themselves, rather than buying solutions that already exist (or paying third parties who know how to create an app from scratch). The process of how to create a mobile app isn't just easy with these solutions - they also bring with them a number of unique benefits that can't be ignored, particularly once you consider the benefits of web apps.

Once you learn how to create an app for iPhone, for example, you essentially have to also learn how to create an app for Android if you build a native mobile app. What should be one process becomes two, as you need to create two separate apps for any major operating system your users might be employing. With Progressive Web Apps, on the other hand, this isn't necessary - everything runs in a browser and thus your software becomes entirely platform agnostic.

Likewise, the process of how to create an app without coding is easy once you learn about solutions like Lumavate. At its core, Lumavate enables marketers who want to learn how to create an app and make money to not only do that with no coding experience required, but because your team can now build apps faster than ever before, you get to see returns far faster as well. Be sure to check out this video on how to create an app using Lumavate. 

App Development Websites

As stated, there are a wide variety of providers out there who offer app development software for beginners - to the point where nearly any can pick up even a modest app making software tool and make their vision a reality.

Because of this, however, it's important to do your research BEFORE you hire a company to build your digital experiences. Before you decide on your app development software for beginners, you'll want to first determine whether you want a native mobile app or a Progressive Web App (otherwise known as a PWA). Native mobile apps may be nice, but again - you have to design unique apps for each platform you're using, to the point where app development software for beginners free options probably won't get you very far.

On the other hand, there are options like Lumavate's platform that allow you to make your own rich, Progressive Web Apps with no coding experience required. Lumavate has a wide variety of pricing options for you to choose from depending on your needs, so at least one is likely to fall in line with your larger goals as a business. With this type of app building software at your side, converting a website to app free and easy is no longer a question of "if" but "when."

Android Studio

At this point, it's also important to discuss the process of creating apps using Android Studio - the appropriately named Android app development tool that also comes with a course that you can use as a guide while building apps for your business.

As an Android App builder, Android Studio holds value for many organizations. Having said that, you'll still run into the same issues you will whenever you build native apps - even with dedicated Android app development software. Not only is the Android app development language a very unique one, but you'll have to create a separate app for iOS users, too. Likewise, Java for Android development is a must - meaning that you'll need to at the very least brush up on how to work within these restraints. Yes, Android App development online is possible and an Android App development course can certainly help - but even with an Android app development company by your side, this option may still prove to be just too time-consuming for many people out there.

Mobile App Builder

A mobile app builder is exactly what it sounds like - a mobile app development tool that makes the process of creating your own apps easier than ever before. There are a wide array of different mobile app development company partners out there that you can choose from depending on your needs, with Appery, Mobile Roadie, and The App Builder being some of the most popular examples. They enable mobile app development with little to no coding experience required, making them an ideal choice for many people - particularly those interested in open source mobile app development solutions.

Lumavate would also fall into that category, but they differ from other mobile app builder options in that their tool is designed to enable marketers to build apps WITHOUT any code required at all. All apps built on the Lumavate platform are also delivered as Progressive Web  Apps, meaning that you won't run into any of the issues with native apps as outlined above.

Likewise, Lumavate allows your business to build digital experiences for any form factor, meaning that it can handle mobile applications but does not stop there. This allows to create personalized experiences that leave customers satisfied at every stage of the customer journey.

Appy Pie

Another option out there takes the form of Appy Pie - a no code platform designed from the ground up for building products in mind.

Appy Pie success stories abound, and it's a tool used by customers like The Home Depot, Accenture, Loreal and more. These are just a few Appy Pie examples. 

Appy Pie features includes an app builder, a mobile app maker, an app that lets you convert a website to a responsive application and many, many others.

One of the differences between Appy Pie and Lumavate's platform is that Lumavate's platform builds Progressive Web Apps, not native apps. With the right Appy Pie tutorial, you can certainly get by - but you're still going to run into a lot of those long-term issues we were speaking of earlier.

No Appy Pie review would be complete without a reference to AppyPie pricing - something that is as versatile as the Appy Pie dashboard itself. The basic plan runs $15 per month, while the gold plan is $30 per month. The platinum plan runs $50 per month, and gets you iOS support as well as Android (unlike the other options).

Best App Builder

If you had to make a list of the best free app builder options available to you today, Lumavate would absolutely be right at the top. It was considered the best app builder 2021 and best app builder 2022 for a reason - it brings with it a host of unique features that you simply won't be able to find anywhere else.

In addition to the fact that Lumavate is a no code platform (so literally anyone in your organization can work on an app, thus guaranteeing forward progress all the time), you also get access to the extensive and impressive Lumavate Library. This feature is very unique in terms of a free digital experience platform, as it lets you choose common elements to customize your mobile experiences faster than ever before.

To put it another way, Lumavate gives you the foundation to work from and then you can change virtually everything about your app to actually meet the needs of your organization. Rather than forcing your employees to change the way they like to work to make up for the limitations of the technology you've given them, the app is actually built with their workflow in mind. This not only makes communication and collaboration easier than ever, but it can also usher in a mobile new era of productivity for your business, too - thus allowing you to begin seeing returns right away.

Mobile App Development Tutorial

In terms of mobile app development courses, it's important for you to know that there are a wide array of different options out there for you to choose from depending on your needs - regardless of what those needs happen to be.

Having said that, some mobile app development tutorial options are incredibly expensive - and they're sometimes difficult to learn if you're unfamiliar with the mobile app development process or if you have no coding experience to speak of.

Sure, mobile app design software free options abound - but if you don’t look into what the free plan gives you, you could regret it later. Keep in mind that even with robust mobile app development services, building a native app can take up to a year - or more - to complete the development process.

With a platform like Lumavate, on the other hand, you DON'T have to take a mobile app development software course and there is NO coding experience required at all. If that wasn't already easy enough, Lumavate also has Starter Kits that allow your next project to hit the ground running. These include Wayfinding, Content Distribution, Internal Communications, Events, Lead Registration and Trade Show - virtually any need you might have, Lumavate is prepared to start you closer to the finish line than ever.

All of this is done so that you can not only build digital experiences faster than ever, but so that you can do so at scale at the exact same time. For more information on Progressive Web Apps for marketers, please click here to view a comprehensive tutorial.

Best Free App Builder 2021

In the end, Lumavate totally understands how important applications have become to even the small businesses out there. Millions of people own smartphones and tablets and they're already very familiar with how to get the most out of them. They just need the right software to use in a professional environment - and that's what the best free app builder without coding options are all about.

Rather than buying something off the shelf that was never designed to work for your business, why not create something from the ground up that was built with you and you alone in mind? Not only is this a great way to empower your people and enable them to work "smarter, not harder," but it's also a legitimate way to create a competitive advantage for yourself in your marketplace.

Think about it like this - if you have some secret piece of software that NOBODY else can use, you have a major advantage that they don't. This is ultimately why your free web app builder selection is ultimately so important.

Choosing the wrong free no code app builder, however, does come with its fair share of disadvantages. You might end up with a tool that doesn't have the functionality that you think it does, thus wasting a tremendous amount of your time.

Lumavate, on the other hand, has pricing options that are more than affordable if you choose to invest in your mobile strategy. It's a lesson that the team at Warren Rupp learned when they saw firsthand what can happen when you make mobile an organic part of your company's long-term strategy.

In addition to a free subscription plan, Lumavate offers different pricing tiers for you to select based on your preferences. App builder pricing doesn't get much more straightforward than that. So from that perspective, regardless of what your needs happen to be, the team at Lumavate are more than ready to meet them. 

Overall, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the importance of apps isn't going away anytime soon. If anything, they're only going to get more important as time goes on - which is why open source mobile app development software is critical. Sure, you could choose Snappy Appy Pie to meet your needs - but you'll be dealing with a lot of the issues that are baked into native, platform-specific apps in their very DNA.

But in terms of the type of digital experience software that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations, nothing short of Progressive Web Apps will get the job done. This is also why it's important to pick your mobile application software very, very carefully. You need something that will support your organization as it exists today, while still enabling you to grow into the one you always hoped you'd one day be running tomorrow, too.

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