Too many people don’t take the necessary time to choose the right software for their needs.

App Development Platforms

App Development Platforms

Buying app development software is becoming the norm for creating apps. While companies are fed up with the normal process of dealing with developers, paying them a high rate, then dealing with the lengthy development process, using app building software provides many advantages. However, with the growing number of mobile app builder solutions on the market today, many people don’t take the necessary time to choose the right software for their needs. But to really reap the benefits of great software, it’s important to take the time to really think about the software your business needs. The first step in the process should be to decide what mobile experience you want to build. You have three options in this regard:

Native Apps

Native apps are apps that are built to only be compatible for one mobile operating system. They are “native” to that device.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are websites that are optimized to work on mobile devices. They are built in a certain way to offer a high-level experience for mobile users.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a very up-and-coming type of mobile app. These apps look and feel like normal apps—only the data and functionalities of the app are hosted behind web URLs. In addition, these apps can be built by using the best app development software for beginners: Lumavate!

Lumavate Is the Best App Builder of 2019

With Lumavate, the power of app-building is in the hands of the user. We captivate the usefulness of apps without the need to know anything about coding! That’s right, now users can build breathtaking apps without using any coding language at all! Lumavate helps users create Progressive Web Apps, which are apps that are changing the mobile game forever. And with Lumavate, we’re the only platform out there that can build Progressive Web Apps as a no-code software! But are you still confused on what Progressive Web Apps are? Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

With big-time brands all over the world starting to incorporate Progressive Web Apps into their mobile strategy, there has to be a long list of benefits to them. And with huge tech players like Google, Microsoft, and Apple jumping on board to ensure these apps work on their operating systems, then you know that there is a big change happening in regards to the app-building world. And if you want to learn how to create a mobile app, Lumavate has you covered!

PWAs from Lumavate

Lumavate is happy to be the best app builder 2019 has to offer. We offer cross platform app development solutions where our PWAs will work on any mobile operating system! Our drag and drop app builder makes it easy to build apps in minutes!

How to Create an App for Android and iPhone

While Lumavate is the number one solution for building mobile apps in today’s world, let’s now dive into the standard method of Apple and Android software development.

Native App Development

When building apps, companies have typically built native apps. But the problem with these apps is that they can only be used on one mobile operating system. So if a native app is built for Android devices, a whole different development process has to happen to build an app for an iOS device. Not only does this lead to a lengthy development process that can sometimes take over a year for implementation, hiring these developers can be expensive. In fact, the average salary for an in-house app developer is around $116,000.

The Options of Today

When it comes to app development of today, companies have many options thanks to the plethora of Apple and Android app development software solutions on the market. Today more than ever, it’s extremely easy to learn how to create an app for iPhone devices and also Android devices. But although you have many options when it comes to app development platforms, the best Android app development software is Lumavate! In fact, users don’t even need to know anything about coding to build mobile apps that can drive business growth!

The Lumavate Mobile Application Software Difference

While there are many options at your fingertips when it comes to app development software, how does Lumavate beat out the rest? While there are many features to our platform, the biggest differentiator involves Progressive Web Apps. In fact, Lumavate is the only no-code platform that allows you to create Progressive Web Apps. Learn how to create an app without coding and take your apps to the next level today! Keep reading or learn more about the difference between native apps and PWAs.

Offline Access

One problem with native apps is that many of them become useless offline. These apps are typically designed to only work with a network connection. But with Progressive Web Apps, these can be used offline! Every time the app is used, data can be cached in your browser, which means you still have access to many functionalities even when no internet connection is in sight.

Perfect for Beginners

When building native apps, these typically have to be built from the ground up by a developer. But with Lumavate, our platform is the perfect solution for learning how to develop an app for beginners. Thanks to our platform that requires no coding knowledge at all, users can quickly build apps with an interface that is very simple to use. In fact, users can learn how to build apps in minutes!

Greater App Production

Lumavate allows users to build apps faster than ever. In fact, users can crank out multiple apps in one day! Lumavate is the perfect resource for learning how to make an app for beginners. Now sign up for our service and learn how to create an app and make money in no time!

Mobile Application Software Comparisons

While it’s easy to understand how Lumavate is so great, sometimes it’s important to take a look at some of our competitors. The app builders we will discuss work similarly to Lumavate, but none of them provide the app-building power that we do. And given that Lumavate offers very sophisticated Apple and Android development tools, no other platform even compares to us. But just for kicks, go ahead and check out some of our biggest competitors:

  • Appy Pie
  • Ionic Framework
  • PhoneGap
  • Mobile Roadie
  • Flutter
  • AppSheet

The Power Lies with PWAs

Although these platforms offer a top-of-the-line interface and amazing app-building capabilities, none of these options allow you to build Progressive Web Apps through a no-code platform. And given the many benefits of PWAs and how many big-time brands are hopping on board with these apps, you absolutely need an iOS and Android app builder who can stay on top of the trends. People all over the globe are starting to see the power of progressive web apps, and Lumavate is the perfect resource for learning how to create an app from scratch. So say goodbye to learning how to maneuver around Android Studio to build an app and say hello to the app-building solution of the future at Lumavate!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

According to, the total worldwide mobile app revenue in 2019 is at a skyrocketing 462 billion dollars. This stat just goes to show you how much attention we give to mobile apps. In fact, the average American uses mobile apps for a few hours per day. By understanding the meaning of these incredible stats, it should be a good indication of how you should make your mobile strategy a top priority for your business. And better yet, these numbers show you that mobile apps are worth the investment. But when it comes to app builder pricing, a better bang-for-your-buck is to use software rather than going through a developer.

Ignore Free Mobile App Builder Solutions

If you do a quick internet search for app software, then you’ll come across many free app development software solutions. But while you may feel very tempted to try out their services, you could be wasting your time if you do so. Even if they claim to be the best free app builder or the best free mobile app development software, you should understand that this software is extremely limited when it comes to tools, resources, and functionalities. In addition, the apps you’ll create most likely won’t work how you want them to. With Lumavate, we don’t offer mobile app design software free of charge or app development software for beginners free of charge, the Lumavate platform is right for you.  Create a free account on the Lumavate platform today.

The Trend Toward Cross Platform App Development

With the popularity of Progressive Web Apps growing rapidly, that also means that there is a growing popularity for cross platform app development technologies. Cross platform app development frameworks are popping up extremely often and many people are seeing the strong benefits of this type of app development method.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

Cross platform app development 2019 software involves software that allows users to build apps that work across multiple operating systems. This type of software has proven to be very beneficial in the world today given how native apps keep our hands tied when it comes to cross platform capabilities. But what is the best cross platform app development 2019 has to offer? What is the best cross platform app development framework available today? Keep reading to find out.

Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools 2019

When it comes to understanding cross platform development solutions, it's important to talk about the best cross platform app development frameworks on the market today. These frameworks are becoming more sophisticated by the day and many companies are jumping on board with the development of cross platform apps. Take a look at some of the more popular cross platform frameworks today:

  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Lumavate is Following the Trend

One cross platform app that is changing the app world forever is Lumavate. While we use the best language for cross platform mobile apps, we also create Progressive Web Apps, which brings a completely different experience to the mobile scene. Our platform provides some of the very best cross platform app development tools 2019 has seen yet, and the resources and guidance we provide can’t be beat!

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

With the trend of cross platform software comes the trend in open source development. An open source mobile app builder works with elements that are designed by others that are available for all users to use. The copyright holder of open source software grants permission for others to use that software how they wish. And Lumavate is jumping on board with that trend. Just like open source mobile app development software, Lumavate has a library of elements that are designed by others. These elements can be easily placed into the app-building process to help bring these apps to life. And if our users build any elements of their own, these elements can be placed into the library for others to use! This creates a mobile app development tools open source solution that results in a great community of app builders!

Best Mobile App Development Tools

Here at Lumavate, we don’t just give you access to our platform, then let you figure everything out on your own; we’re always here to help you throughout every phase of the app building process! We are happy to provide resources, tools, blogs, and tutorials on how to get started and how to build the app you’ve always wanted. In fact, many people say that we offer the best mobile app development tools in the industry! And better yet, we offer these mobile app development tools free of charge! Take a look at the amazing resources we offer:

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