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It's Time to Think Differently About Mobile

Mobile for Every Moment

It’s no longer enough to build an all-encompassing native mobile app for your brand. Your customers are craving moment-specific, mobile-driven touchpoints–and our platform makes that possible. Our platform allows you to quickly design and deploy an unlimited number of mobile experiences at scale. These mobile experiences are published as Progressive Web Apps that are compliant with Google’s best practices, and for a truly frictionless user experience, they don’t require a download. Instead, experiences are activated via smart activation methods like NFC, QR codes, text or click, so your customers can have beautiful, made-for-mobile experiences at their fingertips. And, mobile experiences built with Lumavate can leverage user and location-based data to ensure a truly personalized experience that evolves with every moment of your customer journey.

The bottom line: with Lumavate, you can deliver mobile experiences faster, and ensure that your customers are more connected with your brand than ever before.

Designed for Marketers. Built for IT Professionals.

The Best of Both Worlds

Developing and managing native mobile apps is costly and time consuming for both marketers and software engineers. Our platform changes the game–enabling marketers and developers to utilize their own skills within the same platform. Marketers can quickly create mobile experiences using reusable widgets already available within the Lumavate platform, or they can utilize widgets created within the platform by their own IT teams. This allows your organization to build and deploy mobile experiences more efficiently than ever before.

Smart Activations

There’s power behind the way our mobile experiences are activated. Not only do smart activation methods make it easier for consumers to adopt mobile experiences, but they allow you to tap into a new layer of user data that enables you to personalize experiences like never before. Imagine the power of combining activation data like location with your existing customer data. It helps you create a new level of personalization that simply can’t be achieved with today’s native apps.

  • NFC

    Harness the power of NFC tags to activate secure mobile experiences with just a tap

  • QR Code

    Take advantage of the QR code comeback and utilize those scannable squares to give customers a truly unique experience

  • Text

    Capitalize on everyone’s love for texting by providing a text-in option

  • Click

    Create app-like mobile experiences for your digital advertising and marketing efforts


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