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It’s Time to Think Differently About Mobile

Cloud-based Mobile Apps Made Easy

Our platform is your mobile strategy game-changer. It enables you to easily design and deploy an unlimited number of highly-personalized mobile experiences that align with each touchpoint of your customer journey. In this age of information overload, you can put exactly what your customer needs in the palm of their hand exactly when they need it, without the bulk of wading through irrelevant information and resources. We’re not only transforming the way you think about mobile, we’re making mobile work for you.

Smart Activation for Increased Adoption

Imagine providing a seamless mobile experience that your customers can access without a download; Just a tap, text, or scan and they’re immersed into a highly-personalized, moment-specific experience they can come back to again and again. With Lumavate, it’s possible. Our platform allows you to create cloud-based mobile apps, which don’t require a download and can be accessed via any of the one-touch activation methods listed below. Imagine the ease of your customers tapping an NFC tag that is embedded in a standup display, scanning a QR code on a package, or texting in a short code that was included in an email promotion and immediately having access to a mobile experience that was made just for them, for that exact moment in time.

  • NFC

    Harness the power of NFC tags to activate secure mobile experiences with just a tap.

  • QR Code

    Take advantage of the QR code comeback and utilize those scannable squares to give customers a truly unique experience.

  • Text

    Capitalize on everyone’s love for texting by providing a text-in option.

  • Click

    Provide a URL and direct your website traffic to a highly-personalized experience built specifically for mobile.

Designed for Marketers and IT Professionals

The Best of Both Worlds

Whether you’re a brand buff or a commander of code, we make it easier for you to design and deploy cloud-based mobile apps from start to finish. From our WYSIWYG platform to our open API for custom widget integrations, there are plenty of ways for Marketers and IT professionals alike to build the mobile experience of their brand’s dreams.

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