What is the 'WYSIWYG' App Builder?

WYSIWYG Web App Builder

WYSIWYG Web App Builder

You want to build a website or an app. But you aren't sure how. In the early days of website building, there were platforms like Geocities, Expages, and Angel Fire. They popularized what is known as the WYSIWYG platform; "what you see is what you get." A WYSIWYG web app builder lets you create a web app without knowing any programming. 

Today, WordPress is a popular website builder. Many people create blogs without knowing a line of code. But WordPress is primarily a blogging site, not a web app site. Another similar product is BlueGriffon, a WYSIWYG website builder.

If you want to build a fully-featured web app, you're looking at different platforms. Lumavate is a WYSIWYG web builder online that makes it possible to create a Progressive Web App. Unlike many WYSIWYG web builder templates, Lumavate deploys Progressive Web Apps that include data management, native mobile app features, and more. Lumavate provides a WYSIWYG web builder tutorial for users when they first get started and is one of the few WYSIWYG web builder free platforms.

There are also Starter Kits in Lumavate's App Gallery.

If you're looking for a WYSIWYG web builder, you should try out Lumavate first. It's a free app builder that requires no coding at all — and it can create PWAs, which are more advanced versions of web applications without the downsides of a regular, native application.


ArcGIS is a software development company that has a number of utilities, including the ArcGIS web app builder. To understand more about this though, you would need to look at ArcGIS online and the ArcGIS online creator, because the ArcGIS online web app is different from regular apps. This GIS web app is specifically designed to support GIS mapping and analytics software, through the GIS web app and through ArcGIS online widgets.

Online widgets are interesting because they make it possible for you to easily drop features into your website. Look at Lumavate; Lumavate has a complete Lumavate Library, including well-supported components and features that can be used to customize your app and extend its functionality. ArcGIS web appbuilder is mostly intended for those who need GIS (geographic information system) services. Lumavate is intended for marketers to create the apps they need.

ArcGIS Web Appbuilder Tutorial

You can get started with ArcGIS free through the ArcGIS web appbuilder tutorial, as well as ArcGIS web app templates which are designed to support the development process. ArcGIS creates web apps tailored to those who are interested in online geographic information services. This is more than you might think. The popular game Pokemon Go was based in GIS technology; anything that has a map is.

So, what is a web app in ArcGIS? A very good example is a hiking app. A hiking app can show you where a trailhead is, how the trail flows, and more — it needs the GIS utility that's provided throughout ArcGIS web application examples. ArcGIS provides a smart editor app so that users are able to edit their app around the GIS functionality, but it's really intended for developers who more or less understand the power of GIS and how it can be used.

With Lumavate, there are a number of various tutorials like the Mobile Design Swipe File. Lumavate has broader applications; you can see the Warren Rupp app example. And Lumavate can support things like mapping functions, specifically in the Wayfinding Starter Kit,, but it's not limited to them.

ArcGIS Map

ArcGIS is known for having an information systems platform with maps. They also provide web development services. But it's a pretty specific service. In the web development services of the ArcGIS solution, you can use the ArcGIS web appbuilder custom widget to include geographic information. ArcGIS web development is also limited to web apps rather than Progressive Web Apps, although you can use the ArcGIS map to create effect for apps that need map features.

You can create a web app ArcGIS online for specific utilities, such as games that require map tracking, informational utilities, trail tracking utilities, bike riding utilities, and even geocaching. But it is a specific utility insofar as it's designed around the ArcGIS service.

On the other hand, Lumavate's platform deploys a Progressive Web App; a web application that also has native mobile features. Lumavate doesn't require a single line of code for development and it makes it possible to develop apps around a broader spectrum of features, not just apps. If you need a website with GIS features, then ArcGIS might be the best platform for you. But if you need a Progressive Web App that puts mobile first, Lumavate will be the superior solution.


As mentioned, the ArcGIS platform is focused around a GIS component that can be integrated into web applications. In addition to the ArcGIS webbuilder, there's also the ESRI web appbuilder. You can create a web app Esri that integrates directly into the ArcGIS platform. The Esri experience builder is a WYSIWYG web app builder that makes it easy to add components such as ArcGIS. These Esri web appbuilder widgets are a powerful way to design a site.

However, the Esri experience builder does not create PWAs the way that Lumavate does. While you can create a web app with Esri using their widgets, you can create a fully-featured Progressive Web App using Lumavate's no code environment. Lumavate is targeted toward marketers who want to be able to create apps in a WYSIWYG environment and who want to take advantage of the many benefits of PWAs.

Drag and Drop Website Builder Open Source

Many marketers now want to create their own apps to increase mobile adoption. Every business now needs an app. In an episode of Mobile Matters featuring Rob Martens, he discussed why mobile improves engagement, why marketers want to develop their own mobile apps, and where this is going to go in the future.

Mobile apps are hard to make for those who don't have programming expertise. Most marketers don't want to attend a year-long bootcamp on app development. But there are clear advantages to marketers being in charge of their own apps.

A drag and drop website builder open source helps marketers develop apps on their own. Lumavate is a free web app builder that makes it possible to create Progressive Web Apps without a single line of code. While you can find HTML website builder software anywhere, these aren't automatically mobile-friendly. An open source website builder Github or open source website builder WYSIWYG has to be designed for marketers, like Lumavate is, to truly be effective.

Lumavate has an all-in-one no-code platform designed to help marketers build apps through drag-and-drop functionality. Unlike other platforms, Lumavate borrows from open source concepts by letting users use components from the Lumavate Library. The Lumavate LIbrary enables marketers to quickly drag-and-drop features into their app design, making their app just as powerful as one that has been developed by a professional.

Web App Viewer

What is a web app viewer? There are a lot of utilities out there that make it possible to create better web apps. Apart from a no code or low code platform (which helps you develop the app), you also have services like Google Lighthouse, which helps you determine whether your app is truly mobile friendly.

A web app viewer can help you view your app in a number of devices and resolutions, so you know that it will render correctly. There are also platforms like Bootstrap, a web app builder JavaScript, that make it easier to create clean code for any resolution. You access web app builder software through your own desktop device, but it renders the website in a variety of other devices for you.

You can download a webappbuilder SDK if you have some knowledge in programming. The web developers edition of an application software is usually designed for programmers, though you can follow along with a web appbuilder developer edition tutorial. But when you're creating a web app from appbuilder, you will also need a web appbuilder register application and web appbuilder app ID. The webapp builder desktop is a specific solution that is tailored more toward programmers than marketers. It’s where everyone is building mobile apps. 

WYSIWYG Web Builder 15

Let's take a bit of a deeper look at the WYSIWYG editor. A "WYSIWYG editor" is a broad category, but there's also a software solution known as WYSIWYG Web Builder 15. You may be familiar with the WYSIWYG Web Builder 12 Full Version, or the WYSIWYG Web Builder 15 Crack. This is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that's designed to help you build sites for the internet, much like Adobe Dreamweaver.

In addition to the WYSIWYG web builder, you can look on Github for a WYSIWYG HTML editor open source — there are a lot of them. HTML isn't that complicated and you can build a website fairly easily with a WYSIWYG web builder. But a website isn't a web app.

A website is a set of static pages, which is what something like a WYSIWYG HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver is designed for. A web app is a sequence of dynamic pages intended to better engage your audience. Lumavate creates true, Progressive Web Apps with advanced features and functions, all without a line of code.

You can try a free trial of Lumavate today and start building your app now.

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