Help Visitors Seamlessly Navigate Your Office Building

Every day your office building welcomes first-time visitors that range from customers, new employees, hiring candidates, vendors, and more who need assistance in finding their way. While it’s ideal to provide every first-time visitor with a personalized tour, it’s also highly unlikely that your business has the resources to do so. The best way to ensure your visitors can successfully navigate to your office building is with a wayfinding digital experience that provides step-by-step written instructions with pictures on how to get from one location in your building to another.

Office Building Navigation Template Functionality

Our Office Building Navigation Template is designed to enable your visitors to seamlessly navigate your building. This template includes the following functionality:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Includes easy-to-follow instructions, along with images that direct your visitors to key places in your office building.


Provide a directory highlighting key locations for users to reference.

Ability to Save Parking Location

Allows users to save their parking spot within the digital experience.


Capture feedback to better understand what routes need adjustments or which ones your visitors find most helpful.

Customer Support

Easy access to contact your customer support team via phone, email, chat, etc.

Try Our Office Building Navigation Template

Quickly Launch a Wayfinding Experience for Your Office

Using our Office Building Navigation Template, you can provide step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to get from one location to another. This Template can be a standalone digital experience or incorporated into any other digital experience. Most customers can create and launch a wayfinding digital experience in less than an hour using this Template.

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