Streamline and Personalize Employee Communications

It’s time to quit communicating with your employees across numerous channels then acting surprised that they didn’t read the important company announcement. You need a single source of truth for your company information that your employees can access on any device no matter where they are.

Internal Communications Template Functionality

Using our Internal Communications Template, you can quickly create and easily manage a highly-personalized digital experience for every employee. This template includes the following functionality:

Personalized News Feed

Create content categories to align to employee roles, location, interests, etc. to ensure employees only see the content relevant to them.

Engage With Your Employees

Allow employees to like, comment, and share posts to drive real-time conversations on key content.

Manage Authors

Empower an unlimited number of authors to create and submit content for internal distribution that is reviewed and approved prior to release.

Send SMS Alerts

Send real-time or scheduled text messages to employees about relevant and critical updates.

Access to Analytics

Learn how employees engage with your content to drive increased engagement.

Authenticate Users

Secure your internal communications content by integrating with your existing SSO or email authentication.

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Using our Internal Communications Template, you can give every employee a 100 percent personalized communications experience that ensures they have easy access to information relevant to their role. Most companies can provide this customized employee experience for only pennies a day per employee.

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