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Powerful Three Cloud Platform

Our Innovative Technology

There’s an exciting shift happening in mobile tech, and our platform allows you to take full advantage. As a three-cloud environment, the Lumavate platform is made up of the Experience, Designer, and Integration clouds. Each plays a role in developing and deploying widgets and delivering Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at scale. With these three clouds, our platform is a powerful tool for both Marketers and IT professionals to design, deploy, and manage unlimited cloud-based mobile apps.

Designer Cloud

Our Designer Cloud makes it easy to design, build, and preview an unlimited number of engaging mobile experiences. And, it provides contextual activation options (think: NFC, QR, Text, etc.) so you can provide your customers with an activation method that best meets their needs.

  • Intuitive drag and drop designer using pre-defined modules or custom designed components
  • Built-in security with multi-factor authentication for users
  • Ability to easily support multiple brands at scale
  • Activation channels available via NFC, QR codes, text, and click

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