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Enterprise Mobile Applications

More than three-quarters of enterprise organizations are investing in internal app development. Back in 2015, that number was barely more than 50 percent. Enterprise mobile application development is a fundamental investment. Overlooking it represents massive opportunity cost in terms of internal productivity and customer satisfaction.

For anyone lagging on this trend (or just looking to lower mobile app costs), an introduction to mobile application development can highlight a number of ways to improve app quality while reducing development costs. This works for all types of mobile applications, and it will boost your competitiveness in any industry.

A great place to start is with our “What is mobile application pdf.” It does more than answer what is mobile application. It will show how to improve enterprise mobile apps by de-emphasizing coding and investing more into intuitive app design tools.

You’ll get a chance to explore types of mobile application and learn exactly what should go into an enterprise mobile app. There are requirements to consider, costs and distributions to analyze and coding to learn. That last one is a trick. When you develop enterprise mobile apps with Lumavate, coding is no longer a concern. We designed the entire system to remove coding from development. You need only concern yourself with what the app should do, not how to make it function.

Why Enterprise Organizations Are Turning to Progressive Web Apps

Once past the introduction to mobile application development using Android, your development team will face some hard choices. How will distribution of the app be handled? For customer-facing apps, the common practice is to defer to the Android and iOS app stores. For internal apps, many companies prefer to handle distribution, but this can be tricky. Supporting both operating systems (and sometimes even Windows) requires extra work.

This is where Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) shine. A Progressive Web App aims for universal development. Instead of making an enterprise iOS app and Android mobile app, you make a single web app. It’s hosted on a typical website, and when mobile users access the site, they get full access. Develop doesn’t have to be done separately for each operating system. The app is not delivered through the native stores. Instead, any device with a web browser can utilize the full functionality of the app, and you have complete control over distribution the entire time.

If you want to get a better feel for the nature and power of Progressive Web Apps, we have ample resources for you. Feel free to get started with this pdf: A Marketer's Guide to Progressive Web Apps. It introduces all of the basics of PWAs, and it can help your development team gauge the level of investment necessary to alter their app development strategy.

Mobile Application Software Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

You understand the importance of mobile app development. You’re curious about taking the PWA approach to the process. How do you transition and take full advantage of the possibilities? Quite clearly, you need mobile application software to expand your development potential.

Lumavate is an app company that specializes in enterprise app development. Our tools are designed for efficiency and scalability. Whether you’re planning your very first app, or you have a hundred projects that need to get started, we are equipped to help you succeed.

When you’re looking at web and app development companies, you want to partner with a provider that truly understands enterprise applications and can meet with you on every level. Lumavate tools provide all of this by simplifying development and deployment. You can go from concept to massive distribution with remarkably little coding. It allows you to invest more in quality app design and less in technical resources.

Best of all, Lumavate is designed for marketers. The people who best understand how your business needs to reach end users will be equipped to handle the entire app development process. This empowerment ensures that your apps will accomplish their goals by taking the power out of the hands of disconnected engineers and putting it in the hands of the people who can do the most with it.

Get Started Quickly With Starter Kits

One of the leading costs of app development is delays. They start before the first dollar is spent, and there will always be more opportunities for things to go wrong. If you want to get ahead of delays, the easiest way is to simplify development. That’s the purpose of Starter Kits. Made by an enterprise software development company, you can choose from existing templates that streamline development, or you can maintain full creativity while eliminating as many developmental problems as possible.

The Starter Kits are a gift from this enterprise mobile app development company, meant to make development easier. It allows your creative team to stay hands on throughout. More importantly, it navigates the more challenging waters of ensuring functionality. Starter Kits make it hard to develop broken apps. They also include content distribution and security in the package. There is no better way to keep app development efficient and on schedule.

The starter kits include examples of mobile applications. They have a comprehensive list of mobile applications, and they were made by one of the best app development companies in the USA.

Here are just a few of the Starter Kits primed and ready for your use:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show
  • And More!

Examples of Enterprise Level Mobile Apps

What are different enterprise requirements in mobile application? You might think of security, scalability, intellectual property rights, distribution, and publishing. Those are the greatest hits on our checklist, and any enterprise app development company should have them in mind at all points. The best enterprise app development services will help you meet these requirements at every stage of development.

Here’s an example. The Internal Communications Starter Kit is already in use by some of our clients. They have used it to replace Sharepoints and email blasts with a mobile news hub. It’s easy for employees to stay up to date on everything of pertinence, and they don’t have to be disrupted with news bombardments throughout their workday.

Another example is with the Wayfinding Starter Kit. Wayfinding apps are an amazing resource for campus navigation. They’re popular with both healthcare and entertainment groups. It’s common for people to struggle with finding the right place to be in a hospital or large site. Using our Wayfinding Starter Kit, you can make a universally accessible mobile app that guides everyone to the right place from the start.

No More Separate Development

One of the great costs of mobile app development is developing for the two primary operating systems. It’s why you find so little crossover between the best business apps for Android as opposed to iOS. Each app has to be built from the ground up. That costs money, and it’s difficult to match quality in both spaces. App development for each platform is fundamentally different.

You can eliminate this problem altogether by developing your app as a PWA. Mobile business apps will work identically on any operating system. Some of the best business apps in 2019 were developed this way, and they had multi-platform success.

You can exceed that success. When you cut your development needs in half, you have the resources to reinvest in app quality. You will be building enterprise applications notes that everyone will want to copy. It always comes back to efficiency. Can you really think of a better way to streamline app development than consolidating the process for both iOS and Android?

Top Enterprise Mobile Apps

When you browse the top 10 mobile app development companies, you’ll find a lot of options. Everyone steers into a niche. You have companies like Kony that specialize in banking apps. For every niche, there’s a company that wants to be the best. That’s certainly worth considering, but when you look deeply at these companies, you’ll find something interesting.

There is only one company that is fully no-code, built specifically for marketers and delivers apps as PWAs. That’s our niche, and we excel at it. To understand the value of this trifecta, let’s do a quick case study.

We already mentioned Kony, so let’s dive a little deeper. What is Kony? They’re a company helping bankers develop top enterprise mobile apps. Advantages of Kony include tools help develop WPAs, and they try to minimize coding. That has helped them corner a major market share of banking app development. Kony comes with two disadvantages. First, they’re low-code, not no-code. You’ll still need in-house experts to ensure everything works properly. Second, they haven’t built their software for marketers. If you want to make a banking app, Kony is worth a glance. If you want to sell anything, there is a superior choice.

Mobile Application Resources

We have a lot more to offer than a software download. Lumavate is investing in the success of your app development. You can check out our introduction to mobile application development pdf. It’s a great tool to get started. We also have an essay on mobile application and small business mobile apps. Whatever you need to make a great app, we want to provide it.

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