What Is the Best Website to Create a QR Code for Free?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 1, 2023

QR Codes are everywhere. Companies across all industries are discovering the many benefits this technology possesses. 

So it’s no wonder that manufacturers are interested in learning more about generating QR Codes to use to interact with their customers. But should they generate them for free? Let’s discuss how to create, customize, and leverage QR Codes for your marketing strategy.

How to Make a QR Code for a Link?

QR Codes, short for quick response codes, are used in marketing to users to various destinations like websites, social media profiles, or store discounts. For example, a QR Code on a business card can link to a LinkedIn profile, while one on a billboard can guide you to a landing page.

QR Codes have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, appearing everywhere, from cereal boxes to billboards. Their interactions surged by 94 percent between 2018 and 2020, showcasing their resurgence in our world.

QR Codes can be static or dynamic. Similar to barcodes, they consist of black squares and dots. When scanned, this unique pattern transforms into human-readable data almost instantly. QR Codes, when branded effectively, can pique the curiosity of both customers and prospects.

Generating QR Codes is easier than ever, thanks to online tools catering to various needs and budgets. Free QR Code generators include QRCode Monkey, QRStuff, and Google’s QR Code Generator. There are also paid QR Code Generators, including QR Code Generator Pro and QR Code Studio.

Here are the basic steps for how a QR Code works:

  1. Input the information or content you wish to encode into the QR Code. This could be a URL, text, contact details, or any other data type.

  2. The QR Code generator processes your input and converts it into the QR Code format, arranging black and white squares in a specific pattern.

  3. Once you're satisfied with the QR Code and its content, you can choose to download it as an image file or generate it for immediate use.

Do QR Codes Expire?

No, static QR Codes do not have an expiration date. These QR Codes remain unaltered and consistently direct users to the same destination, whether it's a website or specific information.

However, it's essential to recognize that the content or destination linked to a static QR Code may change or become inaccessible over time, even if the QR Code itself stays unchanged. Therefore, it's advisable to periodically verify the accuracy and currency of the destination linked to a static QR Code.

Certain QR Code generators offer the option to set expiration dates for QR Codes, which can be advantageous for temporary promotions or events. A restaurant might use a QR Code for a limited-time menu and set it to expire when the menu changes. 

Nonetheless, it's crucial to manage these codes to prevent unexpected deactivation. Active management of QR Code assets ensures their effectiveness, offering consumers a seamless experience and avoiding the issues of inactive or broken links that hindered QR code adoption in the past.

Are There Any QR Code Generators That Are Actually Free?

Free QR Code generators are widely available and offer users a convenient way to create QR Codes for various purposes without incurring any costs. Here are a few notable free QR Code generators, along with brief descriptions of their features, limitations, target users, and more:

QR Code Generator by QRCode Monkey

This free QR Code generator provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to create QR Codes for various content types, including websites, text, contact information, Wi-Fi access, and more. It offers customization options like color selection and logo integration. QRCode Monkey is suitable for individuals, small businesses, and marketers who need basic QR Codes and customization capabilities.

QR Code Generator by QRStuff

QRStuff provides a range of QR Code types, including URLs, calendar events, contact information, and more. Users can customize QR Codes by choosing colors and adding logos or images. The platform offers QR Code analytics, allowing users to track scan activity. QRStuff caters to individuals, small businesses, event organizers, and educators looking for an easy-to-use QR Code generator with logo options, basic customization, and tracking capabilities.

Google Sheets QR Code Generator

Google Sheets includes a built-in QR Code generator through the "Insert" menu. Users can enter data into a spreadsheet, select it, and generate QR Codes. The Google Sheets QR Code generator is relatively basic and may not offer the same level of customization as dedicated QR Code generators. Google Sheets' QR Code generator is ideal for individuals and businesses already using Google Workspace who need a simple way to create QR Codes from spreadsheets.

What Is the Best Website to Create a QR Code for Free?

Using free QR Code generators may seem convenient; however, it may pose data security risks and potential misuse. Enter Lumavate, the best QR Code generator and digital experience platform designed for manufacturers. Lumavate is ideal for manufacturers looking to maximize QR Codes in marketing and product management.

With Lumavate, you can manage product informationdigital assets, and digital product experiences. Additionally, it integrates with Google Analytics for insights into user behavior and campaign performance. Product registrationstrade show signage, and in-aisle shelf talkers can all be created with Lumavate and accessed via a QR Code. 

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