What Is the Best QR Code Generator Website?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Sep 4, 2023

QR Codes are widely used throughout our daily lives like accessing digital restaurant menus, ticketing information, and more. But they can also be used directly by manufacturers to reduce costs, gain valuable customer insights, and communicate directly with customers.

Widely used throughout the commercial world, it's well worth investigating how QR Codes can directly benefit manufacturers.

Let’s explore QR Codes and why your manufacturing business should consider using them.

Are All QR Code Generators the Same?

A QR (quick response) Code is a type of barcode that allows easy access to information or data through scanning with an imaging device such as a mobile camera. They consist of black squares in a grid on a white background, and you may have seen them on products in the grocery store, posters, and menus. 

Commercially, QR Codes are used extensively in advertising. But QR Codes have a multitude of uses across the manufacturing world.

Placing the appropriate QR Code on a product allows the manufacturer to share information with their customer in an easily accessible way. It’s often quicker to use a QR Code to visit a website than it is to type the URL in directly.

QR Codes provide a number of benefits, including:

Creating QR Codes is simple and can be done through a variety of platforms.

Are There Any QR Code Generators That Are Actually Free?

Free QR Code generators are available and great for those just getting started. Below, we’ve listed three free generators.

Is It OK to Use a Free QR Code Generator?

While using a free QR Code generator is great for those on a limited budget, there are limitations. These include:

The ability to manage your QR Codes long-term is crucial. Prior to 2020, QR Codes often contained broken links, leading to issues with disseminating correct information and lowering their adoption rates.

What Is the Best QR Code Generator Website?

If you’re looking for a fully adaptable QR Code generation process, Lumavate is the best QR Code generator for business.

Our platform enables manufacturers to manage all their product data and digital assets in one place. Plus, each individual digital product experience created within the Lumavate platform has its own QR Code associated with it.

So, if you’re wondering, “What is the best paid QR Code generator?” we have the answer for you: Lumavate. This is for a number of reasons. The platform offers the following:

Our platform incorporates QR Code tracking data and directly integrates with Google Analytics. This allows you complete visibility of all your digital assets and products.

The Lumavate Platform also allows you to:

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