What Is a DXP Product?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Jan 2, 2024

Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of your team requires the use of software. Dozens of products exist, but some, like a digital experience platform (DXP), are critical to streamlining how you work within your company. Today’s company needs to have access to ample digital media, and often, there are numerous people within a company, and even externally, that must manage that data. With a DXP, it is possible to reduce inefficiencies and maximize outcomes. Consider how it works and why it is such a valuable investment for most growing organizations.

What Does DXP Stand For?

Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, is a type of software solution. The key DXP meaning is rather simplistic. In short, this software solution allows users to create and manage a wide range of digital experiences. Digital experiences are a wide range of ways that customers, clients, and third parties learn about and grow familiar with a brand, company products, or company services. It encompasses the overall digital presence of a company – which can be very robust.

With a DXP, a company can manage each of those digital experiences in a single solution. That includes the company’s:

This is just one list. There are very few overall limitations to using this tool. The value is that it can be used across the entire customer journey, and, most importantly, it houses all of this data in a single location.

With a digital experience platform, companies gain the ability to build out the front-end design of the digital experience. It allows you to showcase all product information (the most up-to-date data, in fact) along with all the insights that a person needs to learn about, grow, and buy from your brand.

Some solutions go further. For example, Lumavate allows companies to create the entire digital experience without using any code. As a result, that means it is faster to get information in place. It also means that anyone with or without knowledge of coding can tackle the project.

More so, Lumavate goes even further by offering a content management capability to the tool. This way, users can create and manage all of the content in one location. It means that you can create, manage, and reuse that content as well. There are very few limitations here, but some examples of the content that you can use here include:

It is important to recognize that some systems are much more limited. Some DXPs only offer a content management system (CMS) functionality. Others, like Lumavate, also offer a full digital asset management (DAM) solution. This functionality improves efficiency, compliance, and productivity.

What Is the Purpose of DXP?

As you look at a list of digital platforms, you will see a wide variety of DXP solutions, and each one seems to be a bit different. Consider, then, what the purposes of these solutions are to determine how well they can work for your needs.

The primary purpose of purchasing a digital experience platform is to enable business users to build and iterate on a wide variety of digital experiences. It enables this type of functionality for anyone without the need to use code. While the marketing team is likely to be the primary user of this solution, it can be used in other applications as well. DXT technologies are robust without many functional limitations, but they are also efficient to use, improving productivity for companies.

Why Do You Need a DXP?

Companies today need to be able to move quickly. Once a need to communicate occurs – whether it is the launch of a new product or communicating valuable information to the masses – companies have to be able to build and iterate fast across their digital experience. A DXP solution allows that to occur, empowering your company to get content made and distributed, and then managed, very quickly.

Some solutions, like Lumavate, provide a variety of tools to do this and support the more encompassing needs of the business. With built-in integrations, the entire process is even more efficient. Lumavate can be implemented within one day by any business user. 

With digital experience tools like this, Lumavate is helping companies grow their success by enhancing platform functionality over time. That means frequent updates and additions, including biweekly product releases.

What Is a DXP Product?

Various DXP examples exist, but not all DXP companies are the same. Before deciding on the best DXP, organizations need to break down the data offered, the functionality available, and the expansive growth and integrations expected. The following are some digital experience platform examples:

Each of these solutions offers users the ability to build digital experiences. 

However, some will require more technical resources from the team, including the ability to navigate code and the tech components of building out various types of data. Some require technical resources beyond this to help get the application in place.

One example of this is the well-known Adobe Experience Manager. Beyond the cost, a primary requirement is technical resources are required for implementing the solution, and often, outside consultants are necessary for the initial implementation. That slows things down. Lumavate is one of the best digital experience platforms that does not require this. It can be set up in minutes by anyone on your marketing team.

There are other differences in these examples of digital experience platforms, too. For example, many DXP solutions have limited integrations, or you need to purchase, implement, and manage numerous applications outside of the system. Lumavate aims to limit that because it contains a content management system and digital asset management (DAM) solution. This gives Lumavate substantially more functionality than most other DXPs, too. That includes text messaging functionality, form builder, and over 40 out-of-the-box integrations.

It is possible to use other products, but for efficiency that does not take complicated integrations or big budgets for a solution that requires specialized professionals, turn to Lumavate.

Learn more about it. See Lumavate in action by scheduling a demo of it. Lumavate is one of the most effective DXP solutions, but also one of the best to get into place fast, so you can start benefiting from it now. Contact us to learn more about how Lumavate can help you. It is one of the most popular DXP technologies out there today.

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