What Does DXP Stand For?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023

These days, we experience things on screens more than ever before. From smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and laptops, the customer journey has become increasingly digital. If you're looking for a software solution to help guide your potential customers through their digital buying journeys, then it may be time to implement a DXP.

What Does DXP Stand For?

Not familiar with DXP meaning? Specifically, DXP stands for Digital Experience Platform. This is a software that enables users to create and manage a wide variety of digital experiences across the entire customer journey. A digital experience includes:

Typically, a DXP allows you to build out the front-end design of the digital experience—though some DXPs (such as Lumavate) take things a step further by allowing you to create the entire digital experience without the need for any coding. DXPs also have content management capabilities that allow you to easily create, manage, and reuse content in the form of images, documents, videos, text, and more.

Some DXPs only offer Content Management System (CMS) functionality, though more robust platforms (such as Lumavate) offer a full Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

What Does a DXP Do?

In addition to enabling you to create and manage digital experiences at every stage of the customer journey, DXP technologies are also used by companies to effectively manage and build out the front-end designs of the overall digital experience. While some DXPs require some technical resources (such as coding experience) to create front-end designs, some more user-friendly options are completely no-code and thus enable anybody in your business to build out beautiful designs for any digital experience.

Many DXPs even offer personalization capabilities to personalize various aspects of a digital experience based on where the customer is within the journey with a specific brand.

What about DXP vs CMS? Most DXPs usually have some type of CMS or DAM already built into the platform, but it's important to note that these are very different services. A CMS or DAM alone won't offer the features needed to create customized digital experiences.

Why Do You Need a DXP?

If your company is looking to move quickly when it comes to building and iterating on your digital experiences, then you need a DXP solution to help make that happen. With this type of platform in place, you can create customized experiences quickly and easily without the need for extensive technical knowledge. This, in turn, will empower you to improve your customer experience at all stages of the journey—boosting conversions and sales.

Of course, not all DXP solutions are created equal. If you need a platform that will offer a wide variety of built-in integrations that will allow your company to connect to its existing tech stack within minutes, Lumavate has you covered. Plus, our platform is constantly growing its functionality and integrations with biweekly product releases.

What Is an Example of a DXP Platform?

As you begin your search for a DXP solution, the first thing you'll probably notice is that there are many DXP companies to choose from. Some DXP examples that you may come across in a long list of digital platforms include:

Each of these solutions offers the ability for business users to build out digital experiences, but some require more technical resources to get started than others. For example, Adobe Experience Manager requires technical resources and often outside consultants for initial implementation.

So, how do you find the best DXP for your needs? Lumavate's DXP solution can be set up within minutes by anybody in your marketing team without the need for extensive technical expertise or outside support.

Likewise, while many DXP platforms offer a built-in CMS or DAM, Lumavate can offer substantially more functionality than most DXPs. This is because the Lumavate platform also includes a built-in Product Information Management (PIM) solution, form builder, text messaging functionality, and more than 40 out-of-the-box integrations.

As you can see, the right DXP platform can help you take your customer experience to new heights. This, in turn, can boost your bottom line while helping to build your brand. Because not all DXPs are created equal, however, it's important to be choosy about the solution on which you settle.

Lumavate has everything you're looking for in a DXP and more, along with added features that include a PIM solution, CMS, DAM, and beyond. Schedule your free demo today to get in touch to learn more!

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