What Are the Five Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: May 15, 2023

Mobile marketing is a fast-growing form of marketing and your team needs to join in. With benefits like cost savings, great open rates, and broad reach there is no reason not to incorporate mobile marketing into your brand’s marketing strategy. 

What Is the Main Benefit of Marketing?

Marketing is a wide net and it is easy to get tangled in all of the details. At its core marketing is the promotion and selling of products or services to customers. This could be working with companies who sell directly to their consumers inside retail stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens or other brands might be selling business to business. Almost every company is investing in marketing their products to their target audiences.  Marketing is a broad term and there are many different types of marketing. These include email marketing, inbound, content marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, and many more. All of these types of marketing reach different audiences in different ways. It is important to utilize a marketing strategy that works best for your company and your audience. 

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing that consists of a company promoting its products or services via a mobile device. There are many different ways a company can engage in mobile marketing such as mobile advertising, mobile app marketing, SMS campaigns, push notifications,  and QR codes.  It is important to recognize not every form of mobile marketing will work well for every business. You must consider which channels and tactics will resonate with your target audience.  Think about who your audience is and how best to reach them. Are they more likely to read an email or a text message? Would an ad on a social media app reach them best? Luckily there are many options in mobile marketing software to help. These resources can help with any number of mobile marketing tactics and campaigns. Projects like building and sharing mobile apps to SMS campaigns to push notifications to mobile ads. 

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. This is because consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. There are more than 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide and growing. There is a very good chance your audience is a part of the number. Mobile engagement is second to none with Ninety-seven percent of all SMS messages being read within 15 seconds of delivery. When messages are sent via mobile, they are ready and read quickly. This information illustrates the importance of mobile marketing.  Your customers are on their mobile devices for a good portion of their day with the average users spending 4 hours and 10 minutes on their device every day. Meet your customers where they are, on mobile. This is one of the biggest mobile marketing advantages, your customers are already engaged on mobile you just need to be there. 

What Are the Five Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

There are many benefits to including mobile marketing in your marketing strategy.  One of the first benefits of mobile marketing is the broad access it offers. There are 307 million smartphone users in the United States. 85 percent of American adults use smartphones. Most adults have a smartphone in their pocket; this makes it a great avenue for marketing. As stated earlier smartphone users spend a good portion of their time on their phones. This creates an easy exposure to mobile marketing. The next greatest benefit of mobile marketing is immediacy. When an SMS message with your marketing is sent, your audience is likely to see your brand’s message. If your team markets on one of the social media channels currently grabbing your audiences’ attention, you’re likely to catch your customers at the right time. The internet is fast and you should catch up. The third benefit of mobile marketing is the amazing open rates. As stated earlier ninety-seven percent of SMS messages are read within 15 seconds of receipt. No other method has that kind of engagement. As marketers, you are always being asked about the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. With statistics like ninety-seven percent, that ROI speaks for itself.  The fourth benefit is the possibility of going viral. While there is no guarantee your marketing content will go viral and there is no button to click, no matter how much we wish, the content that goes viral is most often shared on mobile. If you begin interacting with your audience base on mobile, your team will become more comfortable which will open the door to possibly going viral.  Last but not least, the fifth most valuable reason to begin a mobile marketing campaign is cost savings. Mobile marketing is incredibly cost saving compared to traditional marketing methods like print ads, radio, or TV.  Learn how Lumavate can help you take your mobile marketing to the next level, book a demo today

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