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Last Updated: Nov 10, 2021

What is Mobile Marketing?

A lot of people wonder what is mobile marketing exactly? It’s important to first understand digital and mobile marketing meaning and types. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that incorporates any marketing that happens on any digital channel to reach your customer. You can think of it as websites, social media, SEO, email, SMS, and many other types of marketing but it is not specific to a device. Whereas the meaning of mobile marketing is that it is part of digital marketing but is focused on consumers who use their mobile devices or tablets to access the information. This can be through a mobile device, wearables, voice, tablets, etc. There are many types of mobile marketing such as SEO, SMS campaigns, app based marketing, location based marketing, push notifications, QR code marketing, and more. Now that we are clear on the meaning of mobile and digital marketing, let's dive a little deeper into the features of mobile marketing and mobile marketing pros and cons. 

If you are reading this you probably already know the significance of mobile marketing but let’s look into some staggering key statistics on why mobile marketing has become so integral to your marketing efforts. In just four years from 2016 to 2020, Statista reports the number of smartphone users increased by a billion users, from 2.5 billion to 3.5 billion users! The question is no longer what are the benefits of mobile marketing but how to take advantage of the mobile marketing growth and be sure to incorporate it into your marketing strategy from the beginning. With mobile marketing statistics as staggering as the fact that over 40 percent of mobile transactions happen on mobile - it is crucial to figure out how your brand will leverage the mobile marketing channels to your full advantage. There are many advantages of mobile marketing such as easy access due to phones constantly being by our sides, instant transactions occurring (no more needing to drive to the store), local targeting and personalization - and that’s just naming a few. The digital age has created a scope of mobile marketing that can reach people at any time and in most places. Some of the challenges of mobile marketing though can be consumer privacy issues, no standardization for screen sizes, and could even cost users money if they do not have an unlimited plan for cellular use. The benefits definitely explain the reason behind the rise in mobile marketing and tend to outway some of the cons. Just make sure to be aware of potential barriers you may come across when starting your mobile marketing strategy. 

Mobile Marketing Software

As of 2020, 3.5 billion people worldwide have smartphones. That is a huge number of people are regularly on a mobile device, which is why mobile marketing has emerged as a very important area of marketing. Mobile marketing includes all marketing efforts that occur across multiple channels on mobile devices. Some of the types of mobile marketing campaigns include SMS marketing campaigns, email marketing, mobile apps, Progressive Web Apps, wearables, voice, etc. Since mobile marketing is relatively new, let's talk about how to do mobile marketing effectively. The first key to effective mobile marketing is to have a mobile-first mindset. This means that when you are creating digital experiences, you are first thinking of how they will work on mobile, and then scaling them up for digital. Once you have a mobile-first mindset, you want to think critically about what mobile channels your target consumers are on. You can use mobile marketing tools to track the success of your mobile campaigns which will give you a better idea of what channels are best for reaching your consumers. Mobile app marketing tools will help track the success and engagement of your mobile app. Really, the list of mobile marketing tools is endless, which makes buying mobile marketing software tricky sometimes. And the types of marketing software vary in the number of features it offers. Some of the mobile marketing services that these tools will offer include a platform to build QR codes and track activations, software to run SMS or RCS messaging campaigns, or a platform to build mobile apps. There are many mobile marketing companies out there that offer services like these and many more. So, it is always possible to find a company that will meet your mobile marketing needs. Lumavate’s mobile marketing platform allows marketers to build their own Progressive Web Apps on Lumavate’s digital experience platform. See for yourself today!

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Best Mobile Marketing Software

There are many factors that make up the best marketing software. One thing that some of the top marketing platforms have in common are resources for their users. When you implement mobile app marketing campaigns, it may be useful to reference a mobile app marketing guide. Using a guide will give you tactical advice on how to market your app. What made the best mobile marketing campaigns 2021 and one of the best mobile marketing campaigns 2020 was the promise to add value into users’ lives.. Mobile apps should make your customers' lives easier, so accessing the app should not be a lengthy process. Another important thing to consider for mobile app campaigns is that the campaign should be adding value to the consumer's life. If your campaign is just built around mass marketing, has no personalization, and does not benefit the consumer in any way it probably won’t be successful. Yes, this is true even if you used some of the best marketing software 2019. You also want to make sure that your app has the ability to reach a wide audience. When thinking about how to spread your app's reach you might consider promoting it on social media or on your website, and making it easy to activate your app on those channels. When you combine the best mobile marketing software with the ability to add true value to the customer, your mobile campaign will be a success. 

When you are getting ready to launch a mobile app marketing campaign, you might consider implementing a mobile app marketing plan. Writing a plan for your marketing strategy will ensure that your campaign is well organized, and you have thought through various marketing channels, analytics, the KPIs that will determine success, and a budget. There are many mobile app marketing plan examples online if you don’t know where to start with yours. You can also look at examples of other companies that have had a lot of success with app marketing. An example of a brand that has a strong app marketing strategy 2020  is Starbucks. Starbucks has seen incredible results from their mobile app, and they have incorporated their loyalty program. Oh, and did we mention it is also a PWA?

Sales and Marketing Software

Digital marketing has emerged as a very effective form of marketing and has seen a huge surge, and in 2019, spending on digital marketing surpassed traditional marketing. Digital marketing includes any marketing initiative that is done through the internet or a mobile device. This includes social media marketing, paid advertisements on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., content marketing that is posted to a blog or an infographic, SEO efforts on your website. These are all examples of digital marketing efforts that are effective in creating brand awareness and spreading your company's message. If you are looking to implement some of these digital marketing strategies into your business, you might consider looking into some digital marketing platforms to get started. Digital marketing software, or digital marketing automation as some might say, is a company that offers several digital marketing functions and solutions in an all-in-one platform. These platforms allow marketers to get a deeper view into their digital marketing campaign through looking at analytics of the campaign. They can then take this information and make adjustments to the campaign on the same platform. There is a ton of sales and marketing software out there. Figuring out how to compare these platforms can be tricky. Some of the best online marketing platforms include HubSpot, Google Analytics, Salesforce Marketing Automation Cloud, Swrve, Clevertap, Leanplum, and more. Facebook marketing tools 2020 is even a thing now! 

Everything in digital marketing, and marketing in general, changes very quickly. Every time consumer behavior shifts marketers have to be able to adapt. This means that in marketing, especially digital marketing, you have to stay on top of the trends. Therefore, if you are looking at investing in a digital marketing platform, make sure you do your research and know that the platform you choose is still relevant to current digital marketing practices. To do this, you should look at digital marketing platforms 2018, digital marketing platforms 2019, and digital marketing platforms 2020 and compare trends and changes in the solutions provided. Doing this will help give you a better picture of what some of the trends in digital marketing are, and will ensure that you make the best decision for your business. You also might consider looking at digital marketing platforms in India. Using a platform in India might be a less expensive option, but you should consider what you will be losing in functionality if you decide to invest in a less expensive platform. 


HubSpot is a very well known digital marketing platform that focuses on helping your business grow. They offer solutions for marketing, sales, customer service, and content management. When you look at the Hubspot pricing page, you can clearly see that there are several other Hubspot marketing services you can pay for. Yes, you can automate emails with Hubspot, but you can’t build a mobile app with its platform. Lumavate is the leading no code mobile app platform for marketers. With Lumavate, you can engage with consumers on the device they love the most. Sign up for a free account with Lumavate today

Gartner Mobile Marketing

One resource that organizations can assess business software is Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Gartner evaluates various types of software, including marketing platforms. The Gartner mobile marketing review in particular, looks at mobile marketing platforms in great detail and assesses how they are challenging markets, leading sectors, catering to niches, or providing visionary innovation. The Gartner Magic Quadrant for mobile marketing platforms in 2019 was trusted by marketers around the world. The marketing automation software Garner review can be trusted by any marketer. But low code platforms aren’t the only thinking that Gartner reviews. A mobile marketing platforms Gartner review and a Gartner Magic Quadrant SMS-specific report are also on their website. Lumavate was included in six research notes by Gartner regarding PWA platforms to consider.

Marketing Automation Software

You’ve probably read those clickbait headlines saying email is dead. Well folks, they’re wrong. Email is not dead and is definitely not going anywhere soon. When you’re ready to check out at a retailer, what’s one of the first questions they ask you? Usually, it’s “What’s your email?” Consumers happily hand it over because of the promise of exclusive deals. Would you be as eager to hand over your phone number? My guess: you guard your phone number a little more closely than you do with your email address. Email is THE channel consumers want to receive updates from your brand. This means the rise in popularity for marketing automation software has skyrocketed in the last decade, which also means the marketing automation software list is long too. Let’s take a look at ways you can use this software if you’re an enterprise organization or looking for marketing automation software for small business entities. 

Marketing automation is a tool that marketers have been using for years. The marketing automation definition is essentially any marketing tool that accelerates and automates the process of everyday marketing activities. When you’ve got thousands of subscribers on an email list, you need marketing automation software that can send emails quickly to your large group of subscribers. But marketing automation platforms aren’t just for lead generation. There are many types of marketing automation software examples, including welcoming customers to use your platform, surveys, and product updates. Now that you have a better understanding of the marketing automation software definition, you can begin your search for an organization to partner with. A popular choice with marketers is the Salesforce marketing automation tool. But there’s a better way to engage with your customers on mobile. With Lumavate, you can build an app in just a few hours and engage with consumers on the device they love the most. Plus, users can save the app right to their home screens so your brand can be top of mind every time they look at their phones. 

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Mobile Marketing Examples

Let’s now look at a few mobile marketing examples of some brands and their mobile marketing efforts.

  • Domino’s Pizza Tracker - The Domino’s Pizza Tracker has become an icon and used in many industries and other companies’ mobile marketing efforts. This mobile marketing example shows a great case study of how there was a customer friction point (not knowing when your pizza was going to arrive) to how the brand responded in their marketing efforts to find a solution to that issue. It is now used across healthcare, restaurants, logistics and other industries to help end-users or customers stay in touch with the delivery process. 
  • Burger Kings Burn That Ad - Burger King is known for now shying away from advertisements that poke at their competitors. This rival ad campaign allowed consumers to open up Burger Kings app and use it to burn competitors' ads and receive a free whopper.
  • Pinterest PWA - Pinterest was having a difficult time having users sign-up, log in, or download the native app. So they decided to do a complete makeover and rebuild their mobile web experience through a progressive web app (PWA). The PWA increased metrics across the board! Medium noted that “time spent is up by 40 percent compared to the old mobile web experience, user-generated ad revenue is up 44 percent and core engagements are up 60 percent.” 

You can also listen to our Mobile Matters episode with Patrick Flanagan to hear some other various types of mobile marketing techniques and examples as well. Patrick shares some of his favorite mobile marketing examples 2019 had in store during the podcast episode. There are many mobile marketing ideas that range from apps to SMS campaigns, to just having a mobile website. It can be overwhelming with all the mobile marketing technology out there but pull in the reins and understand what makes sense for your brand voice first and figure out where to capture your target audience. Then trial and error until you find what works best for your brand!

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