What Are Three Advantages of Mobile Marketing?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: May 16, 2023

Mobile marketing is a big topic and an even bigger task to take on for your team. Building a strong mobile marketing strategy will take time but there are many benefits to including it in your overall marketing strategy. 

What Are Four Types of Marketing?

There are many types of marketing, each serves a different purpose and reaches a specific audience. Typically all of the different types of marketing can be grouped into four categories.  Digital marketing is one of the biggest types of marketing. This channel includes mobile marketing, email marketing, digital ads, search engine marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. If the marketing piece has any digital element, it is digital marketing. This means digital marketers might wear a lot of hats within digital marketing. They could be focusing on digital ads one day and building an SMS campaign the next.  Content marketing is centered around creating content from the company’s viewpoint. Content marketers are putting pen to paper and writing the content that is shared in other types of marketing. They help build a strong and confident voice for the company. These marketers help the company stand out as an expert in their field.  Traditional marketing includes avenues like print, direct mail, TV, and radio. This type of marketing is considered traditional because companies have been using these methods for decades to promote their services and products. While digital marketing may be grabbing the attention of marketers, traditional marketing still has its place.  The last major type of marketing is Public Relations (PR). This form of marketing is all about raising awareness about your company. This is done via external interviews or spotlights in media outlets. This type of marketing is all about putting your company’s best foot forward and showing what you can do. 

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of marketing. This is because access has greatly increased with 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. Your audience has access to information at their fingertips, and they expect to find the answers. The average smartphone user spends four hours and 10 minutes on their device every day. Your audience is glued to their device. By moving to a mobile marketing campaign you’re simply meeting them where they are.  Your audience isn’t just scrolling the web with their device, they are communicating too. Ninety-seven percent of all SMS messages are read within 15 minutes of being received. The likelihood of your audience interacting with your brand just skyrocketed with the use of a mobile messaging campaign. SMS open rates blow everything else out of the water as well. The average email open rate is 20.94 percent. Email and messaging campaigns both have their benefits. It is important to keep your target audience in mind and pick the mobile marketing strategy that will resonate with your audience the most.  SMS and email marketing are not the only mobile marketing campaigns your team can take advantage of. Mobile advertising and mobile app marketing are another great way to reach your target audience. In the four hours smartphone users spend each day on their devices, they are more than likely to be exposed to at least a few ads in their day. Meet your audience where they are, on their device and make the most of the interaction.  This may all feel very overwhelming, creating a mobile marketing strategy from scratch is not an easy task. There is mobile marketing software that can help make the lift a little lighter. 

What Are Three Advantages of Mobile Marketing?

The benefits of mobile marketing are countless. As stated above, audiences have more access than ever before and are extremely engaged with mobile.  Broad access tops the list of mobile marketing advantages. With 3.6 billion smartphone users worldwide customers are constantly engaging with digital and your brand needs to join the conversation. Users are spending more and more time on their devices and are willing to engage with brands. Your brand needs to be one of them.  Immediacy is the next greatest advantage. Ninety-seven percent of SMS messages are read within 15 minutes, it doesn’t get more immediate than that. When a notification buzzes, it gets checked, simple as that. Smartphone users keep their phone close and check it regularly. Your brand could become top of mind for your audience.  To finish out the list of mobile marketing advantages is how cost-effective it is. Compared to its traditional counterpart, TV, print, and radio ads, mobile marketing will save your company money. 

What Are The Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing?

While the advantages may seem endless, there are some potential disadvantages of mobile marketing Building and managing a successful mobile marketing strategy does take skill. Because mobile marketing is relatively new not all marketers have experience with this type of marketing and the learning curve can feel steep at times. Gaining the skills and confidence to be successful with mobile marketing will take time.  With mobile becoming a growing and preferred channel by consumers it is becoming increasingly competitive for marketers. Smart marketers are following their audience to the digital space and it is becoming crowded. Fighting through the noise is one of the challenges of mobile marketing Digital users are becoming more and more savvy and aware of how their personal information is being handled by brands. Security and privacy are at the top of consumers' minds. They want to know you are handling their information with care. It is important to make security and privacy a top priority.  Mobile marketing will only continue to grow as access to smartphones and user adoption grows. Don’t miss out on a great way to communicate with your audience.  Learn how Lumavate can help you build a better mobile marketing campaign. Book a demo today!

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