Should You Register a New Product?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: May 14, 2023

Registering a new product may seem like a task you can skip. After you’ve received and installed your product the last thing you want to do is fill out a form and you might be wondering why does the manufacturer need my information anyway? By registering your products you’re gaining access to important product information and promotions. If you skip registration you might be skipping big benefits. What Does it Mean to Register a Product? Completing product registration is a way of providing information to the manufacturer. When a customer registers their products they are letting the company know who they are, what they purchased, and when. This information allows the manufacturer to provide better customer service and more detailed product information.  Manufacturers use information provided during new product registration to distribute important notices. This could be safety notices and recalls. They also use this information to distribute product information like manuals and how-to videos. Manufacturers want to make using their product easy so the customers have a good experience. Allow the manufacturer to help you by sharing this information.  Product registration is also a great way for companies to collect zero-party data. Have your customers begin the conversation with product registration, manufacturers keep it going with valuable information.  You do not want to miss out on important safety and product information because you didn’t complete a simple form. Should You Register a New Product? Registering a new product can make working with this product easier. It does not matter if it is done via a product registration card that must be mailed in, a product registration online process, or via a digital experience process. Companies may choose many different ways to have their customers register the products. The important thing is to make sure it is done. Customers benefit from completing product registration in a number of different ways. Registering your products opens your inbox to receive important notices from the manufacturer like recalls and safety notices. This information can keep you safe.  Manufacturers can also share helpful information like how-to videos and owner’s manuals. The manufacturers want to make using their product easy and will provide resources to make that happen. Do yourself a favor, register your product so you can gain access to time-saving tips.  They might also share promotional offers right to your inbox. The next time a project pops up on your radar you’ll already know what to buy and you might even get a discount.  Oftentimes manufacturers will couple the product registration with the product warranty registration. Registering your warranty ensures you are taking full advantage of the warranty. This could mean the company will replace parts of the entire product if it breaks within a specific time period. Make sure you are taking full advantage from the beginning.  One of the biggest benefits of registering your products is shorter support calls. When you register a product your information is saved in a customer database and is called upon whenever you reach out to support. Because the support team member can see your contact information and what product you own they can begin helping you faster. They don’t need to spend time collecting your contact info, they already have it. Spent less time on the phone and more time using your product.  Do You Need to Register a Product for Warranty? As mentioned before some companies will combine the product registration with the warranty registration. They do this to streamline the process for customers so only one form needs to be completed.  Not all products require a register for warranty. A warranty can be put into effect when the product is purchased and does not require registration. It is a best practice to always register your warranty to know for sure you are reaping all of the benefits.  If you’re thinking “I forgot to register for warranty,” do not worry. Depending on the product you can more than likely register now. Navigate to the product's website or call the support line. Oftentimes the website will have an online form to complete. The support team can talk you through the options as well.  What Does a Manufacturer Warranty Cover? What is included in a manufacturer warranty varies from company to company and from product to product. Generally, product warranties are a promise from the manufacturer to repair or replace a product within a specific time period. This could be a complete product replacement within three years of purchase. It could be free repair to a specific portion of the product in the first five years.  It is important to review the details of your warranty so you know what is covered and for how long.  If you are a manufacturing marketer looking to make the registration process easy for your customers, book a demo now!

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