What Are the Features of Digital Experience Platform?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Nov 26, 2023

What Is a Digital Experience Platform?

Digital Experience Platform, commonly referred to as a DXP, is software that enables its users to create and manage a wide variety of digital experiences across the entire customer journey. A digital experience includes websites, landing pages, microsites, digital product guides, and more.

Typically, a DXP allows the creator to build out the front-end design of the digital experience. Some DXPs, such as Lumavate, allow you to create the entire digital experience without using any code. Additionally, DXPs also have content management capabilities that allow you to easily create, manage, and reuse content.

For example:

Some DXPs only offer standalone Content Management System (CMS) functionality, while others offer a full Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Lumavate’s no-code DXP includes a full DAM.

What Is Included in a Digital Experience?

A digital experience is any interaction with a customer in a digital, or online, touchpoint. Additionally, the software or online service a digital marketer uses to create that digital touchpoint would be the creation part of the digital experience. 

A DXP is the cloud-based software used to centralize, create, and manage the digital assets and digital experiences that are produced. So for the best digital experiences possible, the preferred digital experience platform software should be all-inclusive. It should be one that enables a business to manage its product data and digital assets in one system of record.

Here are some of the best digital experience examples.

Those are all examples of digital experiences.

What Are the Features of Digital Experience Platform?

A Digital Experience Platform DXP manages digital experiences across a wide variety of digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Every DXP must have a way for business users to build and iterate on digital experiences without having to use code. DXPs must also have a built-in Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) functionality.

Every piece of DXP software has either built-in or integrated analytics capabilities, so users can effectively monitor their digital experiences and make any changes needed based on that data. Additionally, most DXPs offer some level of personalization within their digital experiences. Those experiences can range from personalizing specific pieces of content within a digital experience to dynamically changing the entire digital experience based on where a customer is on the customer's journey with a specific brand (more about that in a moment).

Some DXPs also include a version of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to collect and manage customer data. The CDP functionality within DXP solutions can vary a great deal. Additionally, some other DXP technologies include eCommerce functionality, built-in Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, text messaging, form builders, integrations, and more.

What Is an Example of a DXP Platform?

There are a variety of DXP companies available. The list of digital platforms includes Adobe Experience Platform Manager, Sitecore, Liferay, Acquia, Optimizely, and others. Each of these digital experience platform examples offers the ability for business users to build digital experiences. The problem is, however, that some of them require more technical resources to get started than others.

For example, Adobe Experience Manager requires technical resources and sometimes even outside consultants just for the initial implementation. Alternatively, Lumavate’s DXP solution can be set up within minutes by anyone on your marketing team.

Most DXP solutions typically offer a Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Asset Management (DAM). However, if you want an all-inclusive system that comes with more than just a CMS and/or DAM, Lumavate offers substantially more functionality than most DXPs. Therefore, if you are looking for the best DXP on the market, you might want to try a Free Demo of the Lumavate DXP solution.

Examples of Digital Experiences

Consumers are bombarded with thousands and thousands of pieces of digital information and advertising every day. That makes having an exceptional digital experience platform and the digital experiences it creates all that more important. Additionally, these digital experiences will give your brand the ability to collect zero-party data about your audience, so you can garner a complete understanding of their shopping behaviors and what they are ultimately purchasing.

Here are some examples of digital experiences your brand could create to craft an exceptional customer journey.

This is just a small sampling of the almost endless digital experiences your brand could create to improve the customer journey while increasing your ROI.

Why Choose Lumavate as Your Preferred Digital Experience Platform?

If you want one of the best digital experience platform companies available, it would be worth your time to explore everything Lumavate has to offer. With Lumavate, it only takes one day for onboarding, 8.5 times faster go-to-market, is 75 percent more cost-effective, and allows unlimited products.

Here are the digital product experiences you could build quickly with Lumavate.

Lumavate is a fast, easy, and more cost-effective digital experience platform built to meet the specific needs of digital marketers. There isn’t another solution on the market like it.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a digital experience platform (DXP) that will centralize your product data, manage your digital assets, and create branded digital product experiences, please contact Lumavate today.

Our all-in-one solution for managing your product experiences will provide you with everything you need to quickly streamline your entire suite of products and processes all from a single dashboard.

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