Understanding the Importance of Mobile Marketing

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Let’s talk about one of our favorite subjects in the world - mobile marketing. I’m not going to ask you to look at your screen time. I already know it’s probably around the four-hour mark. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; we are addicted to our phones.  We know mobile is one of the most used channels by consumers, but why do so many brands still lack a well-thought-out mobile strategy? Let’s take a look at the importance of mobile marketing and how you can incorporate some easy wins into your overall digital strategy before the end of the year.   What is Mobile Marketing and its Importance? So we all know we have a slight obsession with our phones, but do you know just how reliant we are to mobile? Let’s say you want to search for a vacuum you were interested in purchasing. What device are you going to use to do your research? 69 percent of us are using our trusty smartphones.   Now let’s say your mother just sent you a cute dog video via Facebook (as they tend to do on the weekly). Are you watching it on your computer or on the Facebook app? 70 percent of people will choose the latter.  Mobile marketing is an umbrella term. You can think of various mobile marketing channels like websites, social media, SEO, email, SMS, and more that are accessed through one’s mobile device.  If you’re a marketer and aren’t promoting your brand on at least several of these channels mentioned, you’re missing out on a ton of engagement and impressions from your audience.  What Are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of the benefits to mobile marketing, shall we? We just explained that your audience wants you to meet them on mobile. But what are the actual results you can expect to see when you send out an SMS campaign or build a Progressive Web App (PWA) Brands like Starbucks are no strangers to witnessing the advantages to mobile marketing. After launching its PWA, the coffee giant doubled its daily active users on mobile. And when Alibaba created a PWA, it saw 76 percent higher conversions across browsers.  Brand awareness, higher conversation, customer loyalty, increased site traffic, and more are just some of the many benefits to mobile marketing.  But there can be some disadvantages to mobile marketing if you do it wrong. If you build an app without putting the user first (we’ll touch more on this later), then frustration with your brand will fester among users and they could turn to alternative solutions.  Mobile Marketing Examples   You know the saying good artists borrow, great artists steal? Well, the same can be applied to mobile marketing...just be sure to put your own spin on it! Here are some examples of exceptional mobile marketing campaigns that wowed consumers in the past year. And while mobile apps are making our ‘Favorite Things’ list again this year, sometimes the best campaign can be as simple as QR code marketing Acing Your Next Mobile Marketing Campaign Dazzling consumers on mobile isn’t rocket science, just think about what YOU like to interact with on mobile. After this, you can stop searching for ‘how to overcome the challenges of mobile marketing’ and use these ways to make sure your next campaign is a home run.  First, design with the user in mind. This applies to more than just your company’s newsletter on mobile. Sometimes we as marketers are tempted to go a little overboard with the amount of content we put on a page, email, or app. We know less is more, but we just have so much to say about our brands! Resist the urge people. Switch up your content by adding an image or video here and there.  Second, provide real value. Create an experience they’ll want to return to. With PWAs, you can easily build personalized apps that have tailored content and messaging to specific audiences. And don’t be afraid to iterate on your campaign (especially with no code apps). In fact, iterating on your experience is actually encouraged.  Mobile Quick Win Contrary to popular belief, spinning up a mobile marketing campaign doesn’t have to take months. In fact, you can spin up a new experience in just a few hours using a no code app platform Say goodbye to waiting for months and months for an app to be developed. You can take matters into your own hands and build an app before the holiday gifts you ordered on Amazon Prime arrive.  There’s a ton of noise right now in marketing. But if you execute your mobile strategy well, you’ll be sure to hit all of your goals before the end of Q4.  Want more mobile marketing tips? Be sure to check out our Design Gallery loaded with a TON of tips and tricks when designing your next mobile app. 

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